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Consider Becker’s Regen blower pump and other vacuum pump products, when searching for an upgrade for your facility. Becker has been providing the industry with high-quality technology for centralized air systems. Compared to other competing blower pumps, Becker machinery is much quieter while also putting out much more power. While businesses employ positive displacement methods for their regen blowers, Becker utilizes a non-positive displacement method, making their pumps and blowers much more powerful, efficient and cost-effective. In addition, most Becker regen blower pumps don’t use oil. These are available in two different models that include eight variations, all of which are dry, oil-less pumps. Becker’s focused progress of more efficient technology for their regenerative blowers, vacuum pumps, compressors, and more now gives your facility many environmentally-friendly regen blowers models and products to choose from.

Becker Pumps | Advantages

The Becker mission is to steadily work to improve the technologies used with products. Their design team is endlessly working to make their pumps move air at an increasingly efficient rate.
They have the skills, resources, and expertise to bring your facility to an efficient, environmentally-friendly state. Becker established in 1885, and now are one of the leading businesses in the manufacturing of regen blowers and other air system machinery. Their regen blower models are some of the most powerful and cost-effective on the market. Becker now is extending their service to Canada.

Some Advantages of the SV Series Pumps:

  • More Compact
  • Lower Horsepower and Greater Capacities
  • Single-Stage Blowers have Higher Flows of 735 CFM
  • Two-Stage Blowers have Higher Pressures of 213” WG
  • Lighter Weight than previous models



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Businesses and facilities in need of more efficient central air machinery should contact Becker Pumps of Canada. Learn more about the products if Becker Pumps of Canada on the Imgon Design Blog.