Rust Prevention

Learn more about rust prevention on the Imgon Design Blog. It is incredibly common for people to have many metal belongings. Bicycles, air conditioners, jewelry, and auto parts are all likely household possessions. These items are all susceptible to rust and corrosion damage. Following proper steps for rust prevention can significantly increase the lifespan of you metal belongings.

If you have a large selection of tools, rust is an extremely high risk. When the environmental conditions are met for the chemical reactions involved in rust and corrosion, tool boxes are highly susceptible. A large collection of metal items in an enclosed space can lead to most of a tool box rusting; thus, protecting tools and the space they reside in from rust is necessary for their longevity.

Zerust | Rust Prevention

Zerust, client of Imgon Design is a rust-preventative tool to protect your metal belongings from rust and corrosion. It is a noninvasive product that defends belongings from rust with efficiency and subtlety. Tool boxes and drawers are great fits for Zerust, as most of the products are adaptable to a variety of spaces. However, Zerust can also protect a myriad of other types of belongings; firearms, auto parts, bikes, jewelry, tackle boxes, air conditioners, and even ice skates.

Furthermore, Zerust has no negative effects on metal belongings and is also an FDA-approved product for safe use with kitchen utensils. To learn more about rust prevention and Zerust products, check out more posts on the Imgon Design Blog.