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Use a Zerust Tool Box Liner to Upgrade Your Garage Storage Setup

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Have you been searching for a tool box liner to keep your most important gear in newer condition for longer? Whether you dedicate yourself to your auto restoration hobby or just like to be prepared to fix things around the house, you cannot solve much if you don’t have equipment that is in top shape.

You have likely experienced the frustration that comes with opening your toolbox and finding some of your most important tools have started to rust. However, when you take action to prevent rust buildup, you can stay productive and keep your tools in optimal condition.

What causes tools to rust when in a toolbox? When a piece of metal of a certain type comes in contact with oxygen and water for a certain amount of time, a reddish, flaky coating forms on the metal’s surface. Which types of metal are particularly vulnerable to rust buildup? Iron is especially prone to rust and any metal part containing iron has the capacity to develop rust. On the other hand, copper and aluminum tools are vulnerable to similar oxidation.

An iron tool will develop rust within a few days of withstanding dings, cuts or other forms of damage, as the impacts can invite the buildup of moisture. Steel tools can also develop rust, as iron makes up a significant amount of a steel part.

When you add a tool box liner from Zerust Consumer Products to your storage setup, you can keep your tools in top shape for years of function and enjoyment. The product combine’s the company’s exclusive rust prevention technology with durable PVC rubber to offer the right storage solution for hobbyists of all kinds. These pieces are easily customizable; just cut to fit your toolbox, drawer or shelf.

With this in mind, you can learn more about the Zerust Consumer Products team and its work by visiting the company website.


Minimizing Rust Buildup With the Right Storage Environment

To prevent rust from accumulating in the first place, your key to success is controlling your storage environment. Stay consistent with cleaning and storage to keep your tools looking and functioning better for longer. While any household toolbox can provide a simple storage solution for everyday supplies, it can leave tools vulnerable to both impact and rust damage. Transporting a toolbox can allow room for tools to bump into each other, cause scratches and nicks and leave room for rust to develop, particularly in a garage or shed where temperatures and humidity levels fluctuate constantly.

However, when you take the time to prevent humidity in your tool storage space, you can preserve your tools as effectively as possible. Whenever you can, you should use a dehumidifier in your garage, shed or other storage space to keep conditions as consistent as possible. It can also be helpful to sand the surfaces of your tools on a regular basis, use mineral spirits, apply protective oil, polish and wipe clean to prevent rust from occurring.

Be sure to keep tools in a hard storage case in an area that is cool and dry. This aids in keeping both mechanical wear and corrosion damage to a minimum.

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Protecting Your Gear With a Tool Box Liner From Zerust Consumer Products

Whether you need to make a toolbox, shelf or drawer a more effective storage area, you can feel confident in adding a tool box liner from Zerust Consumer Products to your space. A Zerust Consumer Products liner prevents tools from slipping, bumping into each other and causing dents and also aids in the prevention of both mold and mildew buildup. These liners also have flame-retardant properties and are easy to clean; just use a soapy or damp cloth to wipe clean.

You can choose between 12” by 72” non-slip mesh, 18” by 96” non-slip solid, 22.5” by 118” non-slip mesh and 22.5” 118” non-slip solid options to fit nearly any storage setup.

How Should You Take Care of Rust That Has Already Formed on Tools?

While there may not be much you can do when rust has eaten away at tools for a long time, all it takes is a few household items to combat early rusting. When you address rust on tools in its early stages, you can bring your supplies back to a newer condition.

Shape some household aluminum foil into a ball and mix some dish soap into some warm water. Hold the foil into the soapy water, take it out and use the foil to scrub the rusty metal parts and loosen the rust. Repeat this process until the rust has visibly lessened and then dry your tools thoroughly.

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Reach Out to the Team From Zerust Consumer Products Today

Whether you are an avid gardener, the fastest skater at the rink, or an experienced hunter, there’s no reason to let rusty supplies slow you down or keep you from enjoying your hobbies. For this reason, Zerust Consumer Products offers a complete range of rust-prevention solutions for hobbies and projects of all kinds. Along with the company’s exclusive tool box liner, you can count on Zerust Consumer Products for top-quality vehicle covers, other storage solutions and cleaning products to preserve your gear.

The professionals from Zerust Consumer Products are at the forefront of the development of new rust prevention solutions. Exclusive Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor (VCI) technology forms a layer of protective molecules over the surfaces of metal parts to prevent the buildup of rust and other types of corrosion. No matter the task at hand, Zerust Consumer Products has the right rust prevention solution for the job.

When you need to protect your most important supplies from rust damage, you can depend on Zerust Consumer Products to help you set up the most effective storage space and keep your gear in top condition. To find the right rust prevention solutions for your hobbies and goals, just visit today. Visit the site to view a full selection of products and reach out to the Zerust Consumer Products team.

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