Rust Prevention

3 Ways To Protect Your Bike In The Winter

Don’t Let The Off-Season Ruin Your New Bike | Use a Bike Cover With Zip Protection 

person riding their bike | bike cover with zipOutdoor hobbies are not a new idea, but spending time outdoors increased exponentially during the global lockdown. Being outside was a way to get fresh air and move our bodies while still practicing social distancing. Many people turned to running, walking, hiking, and bike riding as a new hobby. But with every new hobby or sport, there’s equipment to buy and take care of. If you’re already an avid bike rider or are just starting, it’s important to keep your bike in great condition. A bike cover with zip protection is the best way to protect your bike this winter.

Bike sales drastically increased during the global pandemic, and are continuing on an upward trend. If you’ve recently bought a bike, you’ll want to make sure you are cleaning and storing your bike correctly to keep it in its best condition. Rust is one of the main enemies of bikes, especially if you keep yours outside. Rust is preventable, but you have to be proactive. The best way to prevent rust is with a bike cover with zip protection.

If you know winter is coming and your bike isn’t protected, read on to learn more about rust prevention and how you need a bike cover to prevent rust. 


What is Rust?

Rust happens when oxygen and moisture combine with iron metals and cause a chemical breakdown of the metals. Rust is the corrosion and deterioration of refined iron. You most likely recognize rust as the flaky red surface that forms on your outdoor metals. Salt, sweat, humidity, and mud can all speed up the rusting process and cause permanent damage to your metals.

Just like other metals, your bike is just as vulnerable to rust because of all its different components and how often they are exposed to environmental elements. Even small scratches can turn into corrosion on the paint or brakes. Rust prevention products like a bike cover with zip protection are necessary to protect your bike, but there are a few steps you need to complete first before you use a bike cover to prevent rust.


#1 Clean Your Bike 

When you spend time outside, debris like dirt, mud, and salt can build up on your bike. Once you’re finished with your outdoor ride, it’s necessary to wipe down your bike thoroughly. Wiping down your bike will remove any obvious dirt or debris. For continued care, do a little bit more cleaning every 25-30 rides, and do a deep clean of your bike twice a year. If you ride your bike every single day, you should lubricate your bike chains regularly to keep them turning smoothly. Once your bike is clean, you’re one step closer to covering your bike with a bike cover with zip protection. 


#2 Dry Your Bike 

Moisture results in rust, and therefore is another enemy of bikes. After you have cleaned your bike, it’s important to immediately dry off your bike before you put it away again. It only takes a little bit of moisture and oxygen to begin the rusting process, and once your bike is affected by rust, there’s no stopping it. The one thing that you can control is how well you dry off your bike. Even if you think your bike will dry in the sun on a warm summer day, you need to dry your bike after every single ride. This is the 2nd step before sealing your bike in a bike cover to prevent rust.


#3 Cover Your Bag With a Bike Cover With Zip Protection

Once your bike is completely clean and dry, you are ready to store it in a bike cover with zip protection for the winter. You should never leave your bike outside and uncovered. Tarps are not very effective either because they can still trap moisture underneath and slowly cause damage over time. The best way to cover up and protect your bike is with a waterproof, mold-proof, and corrosion-resistant bike cover with zip protection. Vapor corrosion inhibitors are combined with the inner layer of the bike cover to prevent rust. The anti-corrosion particles slowly release and attach to the metal parts of your bike to protect it as long as it is sealed in the cover. 


Protect Your Bike Today 

bike in a bike cover with zip protection If you love to ride your bike, it’s important to protect it in storage. If you follow these 3 ways to protect your bike in the winter, you’ll find your bike in the spring in perfect condition. It’s necessary to prep your bike beforehand with a deep clean and thorough drying session before you enclose it in a bike cover with zip protection. You can have peace of mind knowing that your bike will be protected during the winter and ready for you in the spring.