Fleet Management

You Must Know of Federal Fleet Management | Significant Efficiency Improvement

What is Federal Fleet Management

Fleet management is the management of vehicles and operations that occur to stay on track. So, federal fleet management is fleet management by an organization within or directly affecting the federal government.

By having effective fleet management, your organization can decrease the cost of fuel and maintenance, improve scheduling structure, improve driver safety, and give your clients the best service possible.

Areas Under Fleet Management

Fleet management is a bit of an umbrella term. Here are different federal fleet management options available to break down the topic.


fleet management analytics

If you do not feel completely confident in your fleet management abilities, consulting is always an option. Federal fleet management companies have consulting services available to bring you logical conclusions to questions about your fleet.

Typical consulting projects are:

  • Thorough fleet management reviews
  • Studies for planning and financing
  • Assessing electrification projects
  • Performance reviews and contract structuring
  • Policy and procedure development
  • Effectiveness of outsourcing
  • Vehicle replacement analysis


Since so much of fleet management is about maximizing efficiency and looking for small adjustments you can make that  will add up into a sizable change. Before you can take action, you need to know where you can get an advantage, and that’s where data analysis comes in.

Once you have compiled the necessary data to start looking inward, you can start an analysis of that data. Use the performances of the past to find spaces for improvement. Fleet management companies have their own proprietary applications to assess performance data and locate where to improve efficiency. Having access to such applications will boost your fleet’s efficiency.


In today’s world, information is more valuable than ever, so having the technical capabilities to access information is vital to understanding your fleet and how you can improve. Cloud systems are very useful in federal fleet management. Having private cloud managed services gives you a data center infrastructure that is backed up and secure.

New solutions and management systems allow for better insight into your fleet. You will have access to compare and analyze the capabilities, operational needs, cost, and usability. You can manage your fleet systems from a remote location, alter settings, develop reports, identify and address data issues, and provide user training.


Professional development in fleet management workshops and presentations are available to gain insights on the nuisances of fleet management. To become a great fleet manager,  will prepare you for the challenges that you will face as a fleet manager and give you the tools to respond correctly.


There are different certifications available for those who want to take their next step in federal fleet management. Certified Federal Fleet Manager (CFFM) is useful to someone in managing an owned and/or leased fleet. Certified Federal Fleet Administrator (CFFA) certifications are to manage a General Services Administration (GSA) leased fleet. Certified Federal Fleet Specialist (CFFS) is to support fleet activities and this is usually in a smaller, part time, role.

To be able to deliver a Federal Fleet Management certification, approval through the National Property Management Association is needed, so be aware of that when signing up for certification.

Find the Right Federal Fleet Management Company

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Your search for the right federal fleet management company will come down to what you value in the field of federal fleet management. The best federal fleet management company will have the flexibility in their service offerings, so you will not need to find other companies to fill in the gaps.

Improve your fleet today with a federal fleet management company.