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Becker USA | Supervane Vanes for Becker

Becker USA | Supervane Vanes for Becker


About Becker Pumps: Creating Solutions for a Wide Range of Industrial Applications

Becker Pumps is a leading manufacturer of industrial vacuum pumps, compressors, and regenerative blowers.  The company has innovated the pneumatic equipment industry since 1885. Becker’s North America headquarters serves the United States of America, Canada, and Mexico.  The Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio-based facility serves Ohio as well as renowned manufacturers and other businesses worldwide. Becker Pumps is notable for creating durable and customizable products including supervane vanes for Becker for a broad spectrum of industries.  Some of the industrial applications Becker serves include:

  • The aerospace and aviation industries
  • Aggregates
  • Automotive manufacturing
  • Tire production 
  • Food processing
  • Electronics
  • Environmental initiatives
  • Healthcare and medical fields
  • Manufacturing work
  • Laboratory settings
  • The newspaper and magazine publishing industries
  • Printing projects
  • Waste and water treatment work
  • Vacuum forming


Genuine Replacement Vanes From Becker | Carbon Vacuum Pump Vanes | Supervane Vanes for Becker: The Real Deal is the Only Way to Go.

Supervane vanes for Becker are ideal for situations in which equipment must stand up to heat and friction.  The manufacturing and design professionals at Becker Pumps create vanes that slide neatly into Becker pumps.  Supervane vanes for Becker ensure optimal vacuum and pressure rates. The company provides their products as the correct alternative to counterfeit supervane vanes.  Fake supervane vanes are not resistant to heat, and this lack leads to cupping and early breakdown. Counterfeit supervane vanes also lack the necessary resin to resist friction.  In addition, counterfeit supervane vanes tend to be too hard. This can lead to chipping and inefficient operation.  
Manufacturers label supervane vanes for Becker with an official Becker Genuine Parts holographic emblem.  When looking at the big picture, it is more cost-effective to invest in supervane vanes for Becker than in counterfeit supervane vanes.  Contact Becker Pumps today for assistance with selecting the ideal supervane vanes for your situation.  

Custom Vacuum Pump Design From Becker Pumps: Supervane Vanes for Becker

Becker offers distinct industrial design service.  From supervane vanes for Becker to compressors, the dedicated team of designers at Becker can meet your industry’s exact standards and find the ideal solution for your latest project.  
Go online to send their team a description of your idea.  Their professionals will be glad to collaborate with you and your colleagues on a customized pneumatic equipment solution.  

Getting In Touch With Becker Pumps: Find Out How Becker Pumps Can Help Your Business.

To reach out to the team at Becker Pumps and learn more about supervane vanes for Becker, fill out the contact form on  The website also gives users the option to input information to pursue a custom design for supervane vanes for Becker, industrial vacuum pumps, or other pneumatic equipment.  To gain more information, prospective customers can also call or fax Becker Pumps’ Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio office.  
Becker Pumps Corp.
100 East Ascot Lane
Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 44223-3768
Phone: 330-928-9966
Fax: 330-928-7065
Toll Free: 888-633-1083

Becker Pumps and Imgon Design: A Dynamic Partnership

Our team of designers and writers works in tandem with the manufacturing professionals at Becker Pumps as part of a distinct relationship.  We value our partnership with Becker Pumps. Like all of our clients, the team at Becker Pumps has access to our exclusive search engine optimization plans, social media marketing packages, and much more of our marketing expertise.  Look to Becker Pumps for supervane vanes to meet your organization’s needs. To learn more about the work of Becker Pumps including supervane vanes for Becker, visit the Imgon Design blog.