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OGI Offers the Best Basement Flooring Options on the Market

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Find the best basement flooring options with Ohio Garage Interiors! If you have been searching for a reliable provider of basement flooring solutions in Northeast Ohio, you can depend on OGI’s expert flooring contractors. OGI is a leader in the basement flooring industry, offering superior installation and repair services. In fact, OGI’s basement flooring epoxy offers the longest lifespans, highest strength, and best quality with competitive pricing, ensuring you receive the most value for your dollar.

Most importantly, Ohio Garage Interiors basement flooring offers an unbreakable defense for your existing concrete floor. However, their flooring materials offer more than just the ultimate defense. OGI flooring is also slip-resistant, easy to clean, and entirely customizable. So, you a stylish new floor that requires minimal maintenance while protecting your concrete slab from all incoming wear and tear.

Choosing basement flooring options from Ohio Garage Interiors also means you get to work with the industry’s best contractors. They will work closely with you to ensure they have a full understanding of your basement flooring needs, answering any questions you may have about the process. Furthermore, OGI uses only the best available flooring materials for their basement flooring solutions. So, you will always receive a beautiful new floor that is 100% defect-free.

Why should you avoid low-cost alternatives?

Finding the best basement flooring options for your unique home can be a complex task with the virtually endless number of types of flooring on the market. You might be considering some low-cost alternatives like DIY flooring or natural stone. However, these flooring solutions have many hidden issues that will cost you more in the long run. Read below to learn more about why you should avoid low-cost flooring alternatives.

Natural stone flooring

When Ohio homeowners are looking for a budget flooring option, natural stone is one of the most popular flooring choices. Unfortunately, natural stone flooring has many weaknesses and hidden costs. These issues will require you to spend more than you initially intended on repairs and maintenance.

Many natural stone flooring companies advertise their products as offering high levels of strength and protection with minimal maintenance and affordable pricing. Some even offer rates as low as 99 cents per square foot. However, the inevitable defects and repairs will cost you far more than the starting price.

In fact, natural stone flooring is much more susceptible to wear and tear than other types of flooring. As a result, it will form a variety of defects, which require repetitive, time-consuming maintenance. Furthermore, natural stone flooring providers often threaten to void warranties for customers who do not perform maintenance through their company. So, it is best to avoid installing natural stone flooring anywhere in your home.

Natural Stone Flooring

DIY flooring kits

DIY is another popular choice among Ohio homeowners, but it does not compare to the best flooring options for basements. These products are offered in most home improvement stores at incredibly low prices, so many homeowners see them as the most viable option for saving money. However, the low-quality materials you receive with these products will cost you more than professional installation services.

Although homeowners will use DIY to reduce material costs and cut out the middleman, they always end up paying more in the long run. DIY kits utilize low-quality materials, so they will form a wide variety of defects after installation. As a result, you will have to spend more of your money repairing the issues or even completely replacing and reapplying the DIY floor.

Choosing a proven flooring company like OGI means you can install high-strength flooring. So, you can avoid the defects and repairs associated with DIY flooring and natural stone.

5 reasons why OGI offers the best basement flooring options

OGI flooring is easier and safer to clean:

OGI’s basement flooring solutions have an impermeable topcoat, so dirt, dust, stains, and other debris cannot sink into the existing concrete. This topcoat is also slip-resistant. So, cleaning your basement floor is quicker, easier, and safer.

OGI flooring protects the underlying concrete from moisture damage:

Moisture is one of the leading causes of damage to basement floors. In fact, issues like flooding, mold, and mildew can lead to costly repairs and even complete flooring replacements if left untreated. So, OGI has designed their basement floor coatings to act as an impenetrable moisture barrier. As a result, it will eliminate moisture damage and save you time and money on repairs and maintenance.

Superior strength for longer lifespans and minimal maintenance:

OGI designs their basement flooring solutions to offer the best possible performance in Ohio’s unique climate. Ohio weather is particularly turbulent, so it is more likely to cause issues in bare concrete. Thus, OGI has developed a completely weather-resistant flooring with polyaspartic polyurea. Dirt, dust, mold, mildew, road salts, chemicals, and flooding are no match for OGI basement flooring!

Personalize your new floor with OGI’s countless design options:

Finding the best basement flooring options for your home also means choosing a style that makes sense in your home. So, OGI offers a wide variety of custom design options with their DecoFlake flooring systems, which offer many flake colors, shapes, sizes, and patterns. Working with OGI means you can get creative with your new basement flooring!

Free estimates and in-home inspections:

If you are looking to install new basement flooring but are unsure of what you are willing to pay, contact OGI and schedule a free in-home inspection. OGI will send one of their basement flooring experts to inspect your current flooring and give you an estimate free of charge. Customers that do not have time for an inspection can also send in photos of their flooring.

About Ohio Garage Interiors | Best Basement Flooring Options

Ohio Garage Interiors is the best choice for Ohio home and business owners looking for basement flooring installation and repair. OGI was founded by father-son team Chad & Scott Gleske after having realized Northeast Ohioans did not have an effective and affordable option for quality flooring solutions. Now, OGI has developed a reputation for offering the best basement flooring options on the market.

When you choose OGI, you receive service from a company that understands that the best flooring solutions require high-quality materials, precision installation methods, and friendly, knowledgeable staff. So, they never use subcontractors to complete projects, ensuring every customer receives reliable service from proven industry professionals.

If you are looking for the best basement flooring options in Northeast Ohio, contact Ohio Garage Interiors today. To learn more about OGI’s basement flooring installation and repair services, contact them today or visit OGI’s website¬†at https://ohiogarageinteriors.com/.

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