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Businesses in search of ways to upgrade their facilities’ centralized air systems should consider the large variety of products from Becker Pumps. Becker focuses on the design and production of air system products such as vacuum pumps, regenerative blowers, and busch vacuum pump oil. They offer a diverse selection of machines and a myriad of oils and greases for the machines.

Although the design and manufacturing of machinery is where Becker excels most, they are also experts in meeting and surpassing the needs and expectations of their clients. Many of their pumps and blowers utilize non-positive displacement methods to move air; therefore, Becker machinery produces much less sound while performing at high levels of power and efficiency relative to other products. By regenerating air molecules, the non-positive displacement method creates air pressure more easily. Positive displacement methods, however, tend to be less powerful and cost-effective; thus, non-positive displacement is the better option more often.

Since 1885, Becker has been manufacturing high-quality centralized air machinery products; now, they lead the industry in the development of air system technology, regularly increasing the efficiency of their products. Furthermore, they made their mark by creating the rotary vane vacuum pump. This vacuum pump uses state-of-the-art technology to perform consistently in each cycle.

Becker has dedicated their time to improving air system technologies since the very beginning. They are always researching ways to increase the rate at which their pumps and blowers move air; furthermore, enhancing overall efficiency is an ever-present goal. Businesses and facilities that employ Becker machinery will see immediate improvements in their centralized air systems.

Becker Busch Vacuum Pump Oil

Becker busch vacuum pump oil can easily withstand the intense operating conditions of oil-flooded rotary vacuum pumps. They have designed oil with extremely low friction properties; thus, viscosity fluctuation is brought to a minimum, increasing overall performance efficiency and longevity. The following is a list of Becker’s busch vacuum pump oil products:

  • Synthetic Oil
  • Premium Synthetic Oil
  • Vacuum Pump Flushing Oil
  • Food Grade Vacuum Pump Oil

Oil-less Grease for Vacuum Pumps and Compressors

In addition to their busch vacuum pump oil, Becker also offers bearing greases for their dry-running rotary vane pumps. Other oil-less grease products on the market are incapable of resisting the heat generated by the bearings in an oil-less vacuum pump. Becker’s oil-less bearing grease has the following attributes:

  • Resistance to high temperatures produced by pump bearings
  • Moisture, oxidation, and aging resistance
  • Protected against corrosion
  • Lengthens intervals between service
  • Handles a significant temperature range of -5 °F to 302 °F

The Versatility of Becker Pumps

Regenerative blowers and vacuum pumps can be useful in a multitude of situations and applications. Industries that work with chemicals and environmental processes find them especially advantageous; however, facilities for lifting, packaging, and transporting also find a use for them.

Becker vacuum pumps can remove dust and smoke from the air, perform sewage aeration, extract soil vapor, and more. These blowers and pumps are also perfect for applications that need high rates of airflow at low pressures or when a vacuum is required.

Why Choose Becker Pumps and Blowers?

When you choose Becker, you receive machinery that performs reliably at incomparable levels of power and efficiency. Becker machinery moves significantly large amounts of air, especially when taking their small stature into consideration. Furthermore, they perform powerfully while making minimal noise.

Becker regenerative blowers and vacuum pumps are also incredibly easy to operate and maintain. Breakdowns and other complications are much less common relative to other machinery. There is only one moving part in the blower; therefore, wear and tear is minimized.

Any businesses looking for reliable busch vacuum pump oil or centralized air system machinery will find what they need with Becker. Their incredible products and outstanding work ethic will leave you more than satisfied.