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CD009 Transmission Adapter | G Force Performance Products

CD009 Transmission Adapter | G Force Performance Products

cd009 transmission adapter

If you’re thinking about an engine swap for your car, the transmission is probably the last thing on your mind, but the type you choose can seriously impact the effectiveness of the conversion. The transmission type can also be a significant factor in your ability to successfully complete an LS swap. G Force offers the CD009 transmission adapter, a cost-effective option for LS conversions.

While the T-56 or V160 transmission is a common choice for an LS Conversion, it tends to be higher in cost. T-56s, V160s, and other 6-speed transmissions are becoming more rare, and enthusiasts are looking for more cost-effective alternatives. G Force’s CD009 transmission adapter offers enthusiasts an effective and affordable alternative for LS conversions.

Common Transmission Selections

The T-56 or V160 are common choices when looking to perform high horsepower engine conversions. But the cost of used V160s is higher than the cost of a brand new LS engine, and a standard T-56 is about $2,500. If you are looking to perform a 6-speed LS conversion but are on a tight budget, these might be out of the question for you.

Choosing Alternatives

There are affordable 6-speed options available for those looking to perform high horsepower conversions. The best transmission for a cost-effective motor swap is the CD009 transmission. 350z and G35 transmissions from 2005-2006 commonly contain these transmissions.

It also only costs $1,700 new from Nissan and about half that price used. As a result, it is the ideal 6-speed transmission for budget LS swaps.

The transmission’s original purpose was to be used in a select number of car models, but a community of conversion enthusiasts has introduced adapter plates to the market. Because of this, the transmission is applicable to almost any motor.

G Force Performance products offers bolt-on adapter plates to marry the CD009 Vortec and LS motors. Searching for CD009 transmission adapter plates will provide a wide variety of options. There are several adapter plates in Hondas, Toyotas, Fords, and more, that can make this transmission work for your conversion.

How Does It Compare?

The Strengths

The most important question when choosing this transmission is, “Will it handle the power of my engine swap?” The CD009 earned its popularity because of its ability to handle significant power. This transmission has no official torque ratings but has been proven dependable in vehicles with over 1000whp. This is more than enough strength for a typical engine swap, so it’s the perfect solution for those looking for a cost-effective alternative 6-speed for their swap.

Some engine swap enthusiasts mistake the CD009 for the early generation transmission of the ’03-’04 350z, which has a reputation of grinding between gears. But these early gen transmissions were upgraded with high-strength, triple cone synchronizers in the first, second and third gears. The CD009 is exceptional for the price, especially when compared to the T-56 magnum, which only has these synchronizers in the first and second gears.

Final Consideration – Gearing

Another important consideration in the motor swap process is gearing, as it plays a central role in vehicle performance. Short gear ratios accelerate more quickly but require more shifting, while long gear ratios, accelerate slower but offer higher max speeds and less shifting. When considering gear ratios for your vehicle, remember that the lower the number, the higher the ratio.

T-56 offers longer gears when compared to the CD009. This means that the CD009 is the ideal option for those looking to stay within the powerband of their engine. The T-56 offers better performance in drag racing, because the long gear ratio reduces shifting time.

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