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Crane Rental In Columbus Ohio

crane rental in columbus ohio

Where To Go For Crane Rental In Columbus Ohio

Gearing up for your next big project? Need crane rental in Columbus Ohio? Then you need a rental company you can trust to provide the best in service and crane options. General Crane Rental LLC is happy to serve the Columbus area as one of the most diverse crane rental companies in the Midwest.

When you choose General Crane, you’re guaranteed a seamless process. General Crane has heavy hauling equipment they use to safely transport any equipment you may need, from rough-terrain cranes to boom trucks. General Crane uses Peterbilt tractors, lowboys, service trucks, and flatbeds to get you what you need. 

They also have 6 acres of storage available for customers. Located at I-271 and Forbes Road in Macedonia, Ohio, this space can accommodate both indoor and outdoor storage. Then, when you need the equipment, you can utilize General Crane’s loading and unloading services and delivery to your job site. This is truly a personalized service that will ease your stresses and maximize productivity at your worksite. 

Don’t hesitate to utilize the best crane rental in Columbus Ohio.

Types Of Cranes

You need a rental service that can offer a vast selection of crane equipment. After all, depending on the project, you may run into unforeseen problems or needs that you’ll need to take care of with a different type of crane. That’s why all types of people with projects call General Crane, from electricians to professionals working on commercial jobs. No matter the work, there’s equipment you can trust at General Crane. 

General Crane has a state-of-the-art crane fleet composed of versatile hydraulic cranes. These range from boom trucks to 450-ton all-terrain cranes.

If you need a crane to travel while carrying an extremely heavy load, you might be in the market for a crawler crane. Crawler cranes are specially designed to lift heavy loads, though it’s important to note that these cranes are slow and heavy themselves. Because of this, these cranes cannot transport themselves and need special equipment to be moved. Thankfully, General Crane has this type of equipment.

Carry deck cranes are a different type of crane that can be useful on many different job sites. Any job that needs a low-profile, compact crane could benefit from this crane. A carry deck crane can maneuver in tight spaces while clearing overhead obstacles, and can even move loads over short distances. This means they can transport heavy materials while fitting through small spaces other cranes and machines can’t. General Crane’s carry deck cranes are durable, user-friendly, and precise in their work. This is a must-have on a job site that needs an efficient, smaller sized crane. 

General Crane has many more options, including heavy hauling services, and much more. This is the solution for anyone needing crane rental in Columbus Ohio. Call them today to learn more about their services at 330-908-0001.

crane rental in columbus ohio

About General Crane LLC

General Crane Rental, LLC, is a dependable provider of cranes and crane equipment needs based near Columbus Ohio. They are a leading provider of crane rental in Columbus Ohio and are also one of the most diverse crane collections in the Midwest.

General Crane rents and maintains OSHA-certified cranes and boom trucks available at your service. They specialize specifically in the rental and service of all-terrain cranes, rough terrain cranes, trucks cranes, crawler cranes, carry deck cranes, and boom trucks. They also have experience in buying and selling both new and used equipment. 

Looking for a crane for your next project? Want to learn more about what General Crane has to offer you? Visit to find out more.