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Partnering With a Criminal Defense Firm During a Pandemic

The Hiltner Law Firm and Imgon

Have you been searching for the right criminal defense firm for your situation? Count on the Hiltner Law firm to commit to your case. Without a doubt, we are thankful for our exciting collaboration with the Hiltner Law Firm team.

With this in mind, you can learn more about how the Hiltner Law Firm stands out as a criminal defense firm by visiting the team’s website at In addition, you can find more information about the Hiltner Law Firm team and its work by visiting the Imgon blog.

The Coronavirus and the Ohio Courts: Working With a Criminal Defense Firm

As officials have adapted their responses to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Ohio Supreme Court has taken precautionary measures to curb the spread of the virus while still maintaining operations.

Actions have included limiting in-person court appearances and the releasing of nonviolent offenders on a case-by-case basis. As the direction of the coronavirus remains uncertain, it will be all the more crucial to partner with a reputable criminal defense firm.

Every court in the state has its own set of procedures in place for the unprecedented circumstances. If you have an upcoming hearing, then make contact to confirm the status. You can still face a warrant for your arrest if you do not call or appear in person, if necessary.

About The Hiltner Law Firm

The Hiltner Law Firm provides reliable criminal defense resources all over both Ohio and West Virginia. As a criminal defense firm, the Hiltner Law Firm stands out through a distinct willingness to go to trial. In fact, Maxwell Hiltner began his practice in response to a lack of effective criminal defense resources in his community. In addition to his legal practice, he serves his community as a trial advocacy instructor for the University of Akron School of Law.

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