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Deep Drawing Automotive Components With the Wedge Products Team

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Are you and your colleagues looking for the right fabrication team for deep drawing automotive components for your next project? Teams from across a diverse range of fields choose the team of manufacturers from Wedge Products for high-quality parts. The company serves as a crucial resource for aerospace, automotive, industrial and fuel applications.

Automotive parts must withstand constant and rapid motion in addition to many other stresses. Wedge Products provides solutions that stand up to the forces characteristic of auto applications to ensure safety and efficiency.

Twinsburg, Ohio’s own Wedge Products has provided reliable custom metal stamping services for more than eight decades. When you and your colleagues need a one-stop-shop for deep drawing automotive components, progressive stamping and secondary services, Wedge Products can provide your ideal solution.

Considering this, you and your team can learn more about the Wedge Products team and its work by visiting the company website. Reach out to the dedicated team of manufacturers from Wedge Products today to find out about available products and services and take the next steps.

Deep Drawing Automotive Components and Collaborating With Wedge Products

When you and your team need to ensure fuel efficiency, temperature control and more, you need reliable and uniform metal parts. You and your team may have invested in certain metal fabrication services for past projects, but be unfamiliar with the deep draw metal stamping method. In all, deep draw metal stamping yields parts that have greater depth than width by the radial drawing of a sheet of metal through a customized die.

The custom metal stamping type can involve multiple metalforming methods. Just some of these include rib forming, bottom piercing, side piercing and coining, for example.

Teams typically invest in deep draw stamping when they need to achieve many diameters in one component. Significantly, the method offers a cost-effective alternative to turning.

You and your team can count on the team of custom metal stamping experts from Wedge Products when you need to customize durable deep drawn automotive parts. Connect with the team today to learn more and start moving forward with your next project.

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Reach Out to the Team of Manufacturers From Wedge Products Today

Deep drawing automotive components for your next project can be easier than you may think. Have you and your colleagues been trying to find a reliable custom metal stamping company? If so, then you can feel confident in counting on the engineering and manufacturing experts from Wedge Products. Count on the company for both competitive prices and rapid turnaround times.

Wedge Products is especially notable for its role as an asset to the aerospace industry. Specifically, the company is a leading resource for Boeing 787, Boeing 777, Black Hawk, Apache and C-130 parts.

Above all, the team from Wedge Products commits to the accuracy of all products. Customers count on the company’s exclusive online quality assurance system for uniformity and precision. To keep the commitment to product quality, the Wedge Products team maintains more than 64 presses with capacities ranging from three to 400 tons.

Teams from across multiple sectors look to the team of manufacturers from Wedge Products for top-quality finishes and custom packaging. The company can fabricate several materials of multiple thicknesses. In all, the team of manufacturers from Wedge Products can customize the ideal solution for nearly any project goal. Significantly, the company operates under both Mil-I-45208A and AS9100 Rev. D standards.

When your project requires custom metal parts that perform, withstand stress and ensure efficiency, you can depend on Wedge Products. To get your customization process going, just visit today.

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