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Get the Most Out of EMT Training With Premier Health & Safety Academy

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Although EMT training is a major undertaking, the process doesn’t need to be intimidating. In all, when it comes to getting your certification, staying consistent with studying, being comfortable with the curriculum and having support from your classmates can help you succeed. Have you been searching for reliable EMT training resources in the Northeast Ohio community?

Prehospital professionals and those training for prehospital careers from all over the region look to Premier Health & Safety Academy for top-quality training. Are you ready to take the next step in your career or education? If so, then reach out to the dedicated team of educators from Premier Health & Safety Academy today. 

Training for Your EMT Certification

Students taking the EMT certification training course from Premier Health & Safety Academy master trauma assessment and management, splinting, non-life-threatening situations, airway control and automatic external defibrillator (AED) use. To qualify for the EMT training course at Premier Health & Safety Academy, prospective students must have either a high school diploma or a GED, be 18 years of age by course completion, have no criminal convictions, have a valid driver’s license, must satisfy ORC 4765-8-01 requirements and have good moral character and a motivation to serve.

Along with EMT training, students choose Premier Health & Safety Academy for American Heart Association-sanctioned training courses and emergency medical responder (EMR) classes in the Northeast Ohio community. For additional details regarding training course curriculum, pricing and more, just reach out to the team from Premier Health & Safety Academy today. Count on the team from Premier Health & Safety Academy to help you reach your professional or academic goals.

Thinking About EMT Certification Classes Near Me?

Have you been trying to find EMT certification classes in your area, but hesitating to take the next step? The anticipation of an exam can be stressful, without a doubt. However, when you have a consistent study plan, you can get the most out of your training. See below for some ways to take the stress out of the studying process.

Take advantage of free online practice tests. Using these tests regularly will help you become more comfortable with subjects you may find difficult. If possible, begin with untimed tests, and as you get a feel for the subject, ease into taking timed tests.

It is important to have an understanding of basic anatomy facts and terminology. Key anatomy and physiology concepts will make up the bulk of your final exam. Look for online resources to help with your memorization. While outside studying is critical, it is also essential you show up to every class to retain information.

Get to know your classmates and study together. Building these relationships will relieve some stress that goes with the anticipation of exams and the certification process. While asking for help can sometimes be intimidating, it can be the smartest move you make when pursuing your certification. However helpful collaboration can be, be sure to dedicate some time to independent work, however often you find it beneficial.

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About Premier Health & Safety Academy

Premier Health & Safety Academy provides top quality prehospital care education to students from all over the Northeast Ohio community. Whether you need a certification for work or for school, the educators from Premier Health & Safety Academy can help you make the next move in your professional growth.

Take the next step toward an EMT certification by contacting the professionals from Premier Health & Safety Academy. Just fill out the contact form at www.phsaohio.org today, contact the team by phone at (440) 467-4959 or send an email to program director Tina Brostek, BA, NRP, EMSI at [email protected].