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Industrial Laundry Equipment for Sale

R.W. Martin Company and Imgon | A Collaboration for Both Innovation and Growth | Industrial Laundry Equipment for Sale 

As a team of internet marketers and website designers, we commit to doing all we can to help our client businesses grow.  Similarly, Kent, Ohio’s R.W. Martin Company commits to helping client businesses run as efficiently as possible. Without a doubt, we value our exciting collaboration with the R.W. Martin Company team.  If you and your colleagues have been looking for quality industrial laundry equipment for sale, then reach out to R.W. Martin Company today.

In all, you can feel confident that the team will help you transform your facility to make it a more productive place.  With this in mind, you can learn more about the selection of industrial laundry equipment for sale from R.W. Martin Company by visiting the company website. In addition, you can find more information about the R.W. Martin Company team and its work by visiting the Imgon blog.  

4 Hospital Laundry Tips | Industrial Laundry Equipment for Sale

As the novel coronavirus continues to spread around the globe, healthcare teams must remain vigilant to not neglect basic hygiene standards despite the overwhelming circumstances.  For this reason, corporate leaders of healthcare facilities, as well as healthcare providers, must take extra care to ensure laundry procedures run as efficiently as possible. See the list below for some hospital laundry tips.  

  • Develop a System and Stick to It. 
    • Keep written procedures visible to all employees.
    • Establish a schedule.
  • If Outsourcing, Ensure a Partner Has Any Necessary Certifications to Provide Services to a Healthcare Facility.
    • Such requirements may depend on your region. 
    • This is a critical disease prevention practice.  
  • Make Sure All Employees Receive Training. 
    • Even if certain employees do not handle any washing themselves, make sure all employees have an understanding of safe linen handling.
    • It is often helpful to review safety rules periodically.
  • Be Aware of Relevant Terminology. 
    • For example, hygienically clean laundry generally has been through soil removal and the removal and inactivation of pathogens.  However, sanitized laundry has been through the process to kill drug-resistant pathogen strains.
    • Be mindful of the language any outside laundry provider uses in promotional materials or other documents.  

About R.W. Martin Company | Industrial Laundry Equipment for Sale | Industrial Laundry Equipment 

For more than four decades, R.W. Martin Company has provided top-quality sale, purchase, and repair for textile care equipment.  Hotels, hospitals, and more turn to the experts from R.W. Martin Company for premier laundry solutions. With an inventory of equipment from 15 major manufacturers and an impressive selection of parts, R.W. Martin Company has everything you need to make your facility both more efficient and more profitable.  To list, client businesses count on the dedicated team from R.W. Martin Company for 

  • New Machinery Sales
  • Used Machinery Sales 
  • PartsPLUS
  • SignatureSERVICE
  • Design Services
  • Free Evaluations
  • Process Water Solutions
  • Industrial Laundry Equipment Reconditioning

Reach Out to Our Exceptional Team of Both Internet Marketing and Website Design Professionals Today. | Industrial Laundry Equipment for Sale

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