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G Force Performance Products | LS Conversions | LS Swaps | LS Diesel Conversion

Any gearhead knows how important it is to invest in quality modification equipment. Maybe you’ve been thinking about a Cummins conversion, but are hesitant because of cost. Some of the benefits of going through with the swap include:

  • Improved Fuel Economy 
  • Ease of Modification 
  • Better Performance 
  • Superior Reliability and Longevity | LS Diesel Conversion

G Force Performance Products offers a variety of Cummins conversion kits, as well as an extensive inventory of kits for LS swaps. For more information, see the example below.   

Z33 Kit: Nissan 350z V8 LS Swaps Kit From G Force Performance Product

  • 3/8 Steel Adapter Plate with a Powder Coated Finish | LS Conversions
  • Pilot Bushing and Adapter
  • Custom Steel Flywheel
  • Mounting Hardware
  • Hi-Torque Starter Adapter
    • (For use with a current or purchased Hi-Torque Mini Starter)

About G Force Performance Products | LS Conversions | LS Swaps | LS Diesel Conversion

Automotive enthusiasts rely on G Force Performance Products for high-quality transmission crossmembers, flywheels, and other accessories. The design and manufacturing experts at G Force Performance Products are the top resources for automotive hobbyists who are planning to upgrade from stock parts or undertake major LS swaps. G Force Performance Products customers benefit from competitive pricing and easy setup. If you’re ready to take your car to the next level, you can trust the G Force Performance Products professionals for expert assistance.   

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