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Malin Co. Wire Products | Safety Wire / Lock Wire

Reliable Safety Wire Products

If you are searching for a reliable safety wire product or any other wire-based product, check out Malin Co. safety wire. This company is a leading source of high-quality wire products. Whether it is dental wire, medical wire, or fishing wire, Malin Co. has the resources to give you the exact product you need. They offer all of their products in a wide variety of materials such as copper, aluminum, stainless steel and more. Malin Co. can also provide nearly any form of packaging you prefer for your wire-based needs.

For safety wire and lock wire especially, Malin Company is a top supplier. Their locking wire products ensure that fasteners are always securely tightened. This positive locking device is a mechanism that prevents fasteners from falling out of place. In application, the wire usually threads through the hole of the fastener first. It is then applied to a part or other fastener to be twisted again.

Malin Co. has a long-standing history of success in the design and manufacturing of a variety of wire products. Having existed in the industry for well over a century, it is no wonder why Malin Co. still holds its place as a leading provider of quality wire products.

About Malin Company | Safety Wire Products

Malin Company has been supplying a myriad of exceptional wire-based products to the industry since 1884. They serve industries including aerospace, medical, hardware supply, and more thanks to their reputation for reliability and sustainability in their products. The medical applications of their products include a wire for staples, catheters, pacemaker leads, and much more. Their safety wire and fishing wire are especially useful, giving them an unparalleled reputation in the industry. Malin Co. also offers service for custom medical wire forming, straightened and cut wire, and ultra-fine wire production.

Anyone in need of safety wire or other wire products should take time to contact Malin Co. for safety wire. With their wide selection of different products ranging from fishing wire to medical wire, it is likely Malin Co. can help you out. Furthermore, they will take the time to give you not only the product you need, but the presentation and customer service to be expected from a long-running, reliable company.