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Becker Rotary Vane Pumps

Becker is the best solution for businesses and facilities looking to improve their centralized air systems. They specialize in the design and production of rotary vane pumps, regenerative blowers, vacuum pump oil and more. With their wide selection of models and products, Becker is a leader of versatility for the industry, offering solutions for a myriad of unique situations.

Furthermore, Becker also succeeds in meeting and surpassing the expectations of their customers. Becker machinery employs non-positive displacement methods; therefore, Becker rotary vane pumps make much less noise while maintaining significant power and efficiency. Non-positive displacement regenerates air molecules to increase pressure or vacuum. Competing products that use positive displacement methods, however, are significantly less powerful and cost-effective, relative to Becker’s machinery; thus, the incentive to utilize non-positive displacement pumps is greater. In addition, many models of Becker pumps do not use oil, making them more environmentally-safe.

Becker has been designing centralized air system technology since 1885, and they are now a leader in quality for the industry. With their creation of the rotary vane pump, Becker has become an important figure in the development of air system technologies. This class of vacuum pump performs consistently in each cycle, thanks to Becker’s innovative advancements.

Having dedicated their time to improving their technology since the very beginning, it is no wonder why Becker has become a pillar of quality and reliability. Becker is always working to increase the rate at which their pumps move air. Facilities that utilize s Becker rotary vane pump see an immediate upgrade in their central air system’s efficiency.

Becker Rotary Vane Pumps Have Many Applications

Rotary vane vacuum pumps are useful in a wide array of applications. You will most often see them in industries that work with chemicals and environmental processes; however, lifting, packaging, and transporting facilities also benefit from Becker’s pumps.

The Becker rotary vane pump is especially good at removing smoke and dust from the air,  performing sewage aeration, and removing soil vapor. In addition, Becker pumps are useful in applications that require high rates of air flow with lower pressures or when a vacuum is necessary.

Why Choose a Becker Vane Pump?

Maintaining efficiency is simple for Becker’s pumps and blowers, especially when taking their small size into account. Even at their small size, Becker vacuum pumps move a high amount of air, while remaining quiet with negligible vibration.

Furthermore, Becker vane pumps are easy to operate and maintain. This mitigates the amount of breakdowns and other complications. These machines only have a single moving part inside; therefore, wear and tear is brought to a minimum. This further increases the reliability and longevity of the pumps.

Becker Vacuum Pump Oil Products

Vacuum Pump Oil

Becker oil is capable of withstanding the extreme operating conditions of oil-flooded rotary vane pumps. They design their oil to have low friction properties, which minimizes viscosity fluctuation, increases longevity, and improves performance.  The perfect substitute for Busch vacuum pump oil / Busch pump oil.

  • Synthetic Oil
  • Premium Synthetic Oil
  • Vacuum Pump Flushing Oil
  • Food Grade Vacuum Pump Oil

Oil-less Grease for Pumps and Compressors

For dry-running rotary vane pumps, Becker also offers bearing grease. Most other grease products in the industry cannot withstand the heat created by the bearings in a vacuum pump without oil.

  • Resists the high temperatures generated by vane pump bearings
  • Protects against moisture, oxidation, aging, and corrosion
  • Increases intervals between service
  • Large temperature range of -5 °F to 302 °F

Businesses and facilities looking to upgrade their centralized air systems should consider Becker’s rotary vane pumps and regenerative blowers. With unparalleled reliability, efficiency, and longevity, Becker machinery is the perfect enhancement to your current system.