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Is your facility’s centralized air machinery extremely loud yet surprisingly inefficient? Becker offers the best solutions for any issues with air system technology. They have extensive experience in the design and manufacturing of this machinery. Becker offers many models and versions of rotary vane vacuum pumps, regenerative blowers, and more. Their wide variety of high-quality products is unparalleled; thus, Becker maintains their position as a prime example of versatility and reliability.
Becker has also built a reputation for meeting and surpassing the expectations of their customers. Their application of non-positive displacement methods plays a significant part in this. Non-positive displacement methods cause Becker’s rotary vane vacuum pumps to make markedly less noise than other products while maintaining high levels of efficiency. This method regenerates air molecules, increasing the pressure of the vacuum. In addition, Becker’s rotary vane vacuum pumps are oil-less, increasing environmental safety.
Furthermore, Becker has been designing this type of machinery since 1885. They now lead the industry in terms of product quality. Becker has become a significant figure in the development of centralized air system technology, having created the rotary vane vacuum pump. These vacuum pumps perform consistently for each cycle without an issue.
Becker has focused its time and effort on improving their technology since the beginning, and they continue to work towards increasing the efficiency of their products and the rate at which they pump air. Their products are an immediate upgrade to any facility’s centralized air system.

Becker Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumps

Becker’s oil-less rotary vane pumps have some unique benefits, relative to similar machinery. These oil-less pumps are positive-displacement vacuum pumps that contain sliding vanes, which are placing rotor rotating in a cavity.
These vane pumps also never experience any internal, metal-to-metal contact; thus, they can compensate for wear and tear, increasing the span of their peak performance.
In addition, oil-less pumps require very little maintenance, making them a popular choice for applications of medium or variable vacuum range.

Why Choose Becker Pumps? | Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumps

Becker’s oil-less vacuum pumps have a myriad of substantial benefits. With 100% oil-less operating, this machinery maintains a cool, quiet operation that is highly environmentally-friendly. These pumps also have significant longevity relative to other pumps on the markets as well as low maintenance requirements. In addition, Becker rotary vane vacuum pumps include the following aspects:
• Inlet filters
• Discharge silencers
• Direct drive
• Vacuum regulators
• Continuous duty rated
Becker’s pumps lead the industry in the technological development and product quality of the rotary vane vacuum pump.

Which Vacuum Pump is Right for the Job?

Although oil-less vacuum pumps offer many advantages and benefits, they are not right for all applications. If you need something for extremely deep vacuum levels or imbibing large amounts of liquid, you should avoid oil-less vacuum pumps.
However, finding the best rotary vane vacuum pump is not inherently a challenge. Becker’s products are extremely quiet, long-lasting, and self-lubricating; furthermore, they are great for medical and surgical applications as well as graphic arts, vacuum chucking, robotics and material handling, packaging, and more.
If you are looking for a way to upgrade your facility’s air systems, Becker is the best choice for you. Their selection of rotary vane vacuum pumps and other centralized air machinery products are bound to have the perfect solution.
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