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What is a Rotary Vane Pump Used For? 

Rotary vane vacuum pumps are the most beneficial of all vacuum pumps. Regularly used as a high-pressure hydraulic pump to pump oil, gas, and other liquids, or run dry with clean air. Used to serve many functions in a wide range of industries. They are commonly used in automobiles, allowing for movement of fluids such as transmission, brakes, and power steering fluids. Additionally, they are commonly used in beverage processing machines such as fountain soft-drink dispensers and even espresso coffee machines. Another commonly used application for these pumps is central air systems, the type used in industries and hospitals as well. 

Additionally, Rotary vane vacuum pumps are key factors for both small and large industries such as manufactures, designers and craftsmen. In fact, pumps used in these industries play a major role in the handling and production of materials throughout different stages. The pump’s purpose is for vacuum infusion, composite manufacturing, and carbon preparation. 

Rotary vane vacuum pumps are widely used in industries in a variety of applications such as:  

  • Paper and Plastic Packing
  • Medical/Surgical Vacuum
  • Food Packaging and Processing
  • Printing and Paper Converting
  • Vacuum Infusion of Composites
  • Environmental Applications
  • Pick and Place
  • Vacuum Hold Down for CNC Routers

To learn more about the specific different types of rotary vane pumps that we offer and how they can best serve your industry needs, contact Becker Pumps today.

Becker Pumps Corporation | Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumps

Becker Pumps Corporation has been manufacturing and developing technologies to move air since 1885. During this time they have earned the spot for becoming one of the top world suppliers in the vacuum pump, compressor and regenerative blowers in its industry. Industries that Becker Pumps Corporation has served: 

Becker Pumps Corporation’s commitment is to continue improving the effectiveness of its machinery. Additionally, they continually strive to design the most effective machinery for their customers. Improving the productivity of your facility is simple when you choose a compact rotary vane vacuum pump from Becker. The pump’s design is compact but mighty in power! This pump’s ability actually delivers much higher levels of pressure compared to others on the market. Becker’s commitment to its customers is to deliver reliable, superior performance cycle after cycle.

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Becker’s rotary vane vacuum pumps compared to others on the market are compact in size and create less noise. Save space and energy while reducing noise distractions, all the while improving your productivity when you choose Becker Pumps machinery for your facility.

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