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Rubber Molding Businesses China | Wuxi Aomeite

Rubber Molding Businesses in China | Wuxi Aomeite

Rubber Molding Businesses China The processes of manufacturing and molding rubber components require exceptional precision. Choosing one of the top rubber molding businesses in China assures a superior product. Wuxi Aomeite is among the best rubber molding businesses in China. They offer precision rubber components manufacturing services. Wuxi offers silicone extrusion service for various applications in addition to rubber molding. In addition, Wuxi offers several density and color options, as well as custom rubber compounds. Wuxi can complete any unique project and customize components to each customer’s specific requirements.

Rubber Tubing | Rubber Molding Businesses China

Wuxi Aomeite offers manufacturing services for rubber tubing and hose components. Additionally, they offer the capability for the use of many rubber materials, including custom compounds. In other words, you can customize components for ideal performance in your application. In addition, Wuxi creates rubber products such as gaskets, cords and more.

Wuxi offers variety and quality for the components you need for your application. Wuxi’s Rubber molded tubing provides powerful resistance to extreme temperatures. This means they are ideal for intense industrial environments. Wuxi tubing offers higher elasticity and weather resistance than standard tubing, as well as inertness to U.V. radiation and ozone. 

About Wuxi Aomeite

Since 1988, Wuxi Aomeite has been surpassing industry standards by meeting and exceeding the requirements of rubber molding applications. Their skilled team and committed work ethic have yielded 30 years of consistent success. In fact, Wuxi is now among the top rubber molding businesses in China.

Wuxi began as a smaller rubber molding company in China. They soon expanded their services to hand fabrications and diversified their rubber molding service. Wuxi’s selection of services offers higher value than competing rubber molding businesses in China. Wuxi has over 30 years of industry experience, so they can handle the most unique and challenging customer specifications. Furthermore, they can complete projects with specifications they have yet to encounter. Wuxi’s team utilizes unmatched industry knowledge and expert tuition to confidently complete any project. Their team has the versatility and skillsets to produce components for any application. A variety of industries rely on Wuxi Aomeite for precision rubber molding service, including the automotive, telecommunications, construction, and aerospace industries.

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