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Stage Flooring

Stage Flooring | Monoco Inc.

There are many things to consider when creating high quality stage flooring. However, durability, safety, and longevity are clearly crucial characteristics. As a result, Monoco Inc. manufactures stage flooring with Arboron. Arboron is a laminate material with unparalleled durability. It also offers versatility, functioning in a diverse array of applications. Furthermore, Arboron offers incredibly high resistances to chemicals and abrasion.

In addition to strength and versatility, Arboron provides longer lifespans than other laminates. With its protections against moisture absorption, chemicals and abrasion, it is one of the most durable laminates for stage flooring. Arboron is also extremely lightweight, making it perfect for the installation of stage flooring.

Why Choose Monoco Stage Flooring?

Arboron laminates are strong and versatile. This laminate can be applied in a variety of applications outside of stage flooring:


  • Conveyor applications
  • Non-conductive workbenches
  • Needle trade templates
  • Die stock
  • Transportation industry panels
  • Drill jigs and fixtures
  • Stage flooring


  • Electrical control and test panels
  • Bus bar insulation
  • Phase barriers
  • Electrical enclosures
  • Switchgear mounting

Also, Arboron contains no hazardous or toxic materials, and they offer insulation properties. Therefore, Arboron is one of the safest options for stage flooring laminates and other applications.

About Monoco Inc. | Stage Flooring

Stage Flooring

Monoco Inc. has been a leading manufacturer and distributor of insulation materials and a supplier of non-metallic, electrical and heat insulation products for over 50 years. Their products offer high resistances to high temperatures, mechanical wear, fire and chemicals.

They are also specialists in manufacturing products in shorter runs. Therefore, they can manufacture complex parts quickly at competitive prices. Monoco Inc. can also deliver to anywhere around the world.

Monoco Inc. offers service in drilling, milling, sanding, lathe turning and cut-to-size, in addition to CNC machining. They offer a massive inventory of diverse products for anyone in need of quality products with quick turnaround.

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If you are looking for reliable stage flooring, Monoco Inc. can give you the best flooring on the market. Learn more about Monoco Inc. on the Imgon Design Blog or visit their website.