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Tool Box Rust Inhibitor | Zerust Consumer Products

How To Use Tool Box Rust Inhibitor?

Not quite sure how to or why to use a Tool Box Rust Inhibitor this is the article for you. Hand tools are expensive and they’re susceptible to rust.  Tool box rust inhibitors will prevent rust and corrosion for harming your expensive hand tools. 

Zerust Consumer Products has developed a range of rust inhibiting methods. Simple methods to protect your wrenches, sockets, and other metal surfaces of your tools.

Forms of Zerust Tool Box Inhibitor 

Here is a list of its tool and tackle box rust control methods:

Table Saw Cover 

When exposed to the open air your table saw and blades are a sure target for rust, corrosion, dust, and moisture. Simply cover your table saw with Zerust’s cover. The cover then releases an invisible, corrosion inhibiting vapor onto the surface of your saw and blades. Protect your investment, and save time and money with these durable cover shields. 


Zerust Plastabs ® consists of a thin, light, rigid polyethylene square. Made with its corrosion-inhibiting technology molded right into the plastic. This patented formula releases harmless vapor molecules to form a protective layer on metal surfaces. 

Toolbox Drawer Liners 

These cut to size patented liners combine Zerusts patented formula with heavy-duty non-slip rubber. work great on shelving, drawers, toolboxes, truck boxes, and storage boxes. In addition to preventing rust these liners also prevent your tools from slipping, denting, and the gathering of mold and mildew. 


Vapor Capsules for Tool and Tackle Boxes 

These easy to use capsules come with an adhesive backing that will affix to the interior of toll and tackle boxes. These capsules release anti-rust and corrosion molecules into the air, surrounding the exposed metal surfaces. 

All Zerust Consumer Products are non-toxic and environmentally friendly. They will not harm metal and wood surfaces, nor do they leave behind any sticky residue. When searching for the best corrosion inhibitor you can count on Zerust to protect all your precious metals. No other corrosion protection can compete with Zerust’s patented formulas. 

About Zerust Consumer Products 

Zerust has been developing and manufacturing rust and corrosion products for over twenty years. Located in Twinsburg, Ohio, and they take pride in the fact that everything is manufactured here in the USA. Zerust products are also affordable for any budget. When looking for the ultimate solution to protect your metals from harmful rust, look for Zerust.  Zerust Consumer Products are available through:

Including a multitude of other hardware, hardware, and sporting goods stores throughout the United States. Finally, a cutting edge technology for rust and corrosion protection to ensure your valuable hardware is protected at all times. 

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