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Imgon Design is a leader in digital marketing solutions for Northeast Ohio. In fact, we have worked with countless local companies in various industries including Malin Co. wholesale wire supplier. Malin Co. is a leading stainless steel safety wire supplier and a valued client of Imgon Design.

Here at Imgon Design, we offer a diverse catalog of design and digital marketing services to small to midsize Ohio businesses. We work on the backend, providing Malin Co. with all the digital marketing tools they need. As a result, they have more time to focus on creating exceptional wholesale wire solutions and reach their business goals. Most notably, Imgon digital marketing strategies enable our clients to compete with their industry rivals and access larger audiences of potential customers.

Malin Co. stainless steel lockwire

As a leading wholesale wire supplier, lockwire and safety wire are Malin Co. specialties. Lockwire is a uniquely versatile tool for industrial applications. Nuts, bolts, and screws all naturally loosen over time. So, lockwire functions as a loosening prevention system.

As a result, it decreases overall maintenance needs and eliminates the possibility of serious equipment failures. Lockwire is an absolutely necessary tool for ensuring the safety of staff members in industrial environments.

You will find the finest wholesale wire available through the Malin Co. In addition to exceptional quality and strength, Malin Co. wire offers the best storage options on the market.

In fact, their high-density polyethylene canisters protect your wire from degradation, grease, and corrosion. These canisters are also color-coded for each type of wire. So, it is easier to find the wire you need for each task.

Additionally, there are many Malin wire sizes available. As one of the leading stainless wire suppliers near me, Malin Co. can help you find the perfect wire for your application.

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How to choose the best wholesale wire company for your next project

Whether you are looking for a supplier of stainless medical wire, stainless steel tie wire suppliers, or a multi-strand stainless steel wire supplier, you need to choose a company that can meet your needs and requirements. Taking time to compare wholesale wire suppliers is crucial for getting the most of your next project. Read below for some important considerations when choosing your wire supplier.

An experienced design team

The best stainless steel wire supplier will have a design staff with immense experience in the wire manufacturing industry. So, it is always important to research a team’s qualifications prior to choosing your supplier. Furthermore, the best design teams will actively collaborate with their clients at every stage of the design and manufacturing processes.

Industry compatibility

Compatibility with your industry is another important consideration. Most importantly, you should study the online portfolio of your potential suppliers and see how long the company has been in the industry.

Furthermore, you and your team should take the time to visit the supplier’s facility. This will help you develop a better understanding of their design processes, equipment, manufacturing capabilities, and communication practices.


This is one of the most crucial aspects of any wholesale wire supplier. When interacting with potential suppliers, pay close attention to how their representatives communicate with you and your team.

Here are some important questions to ask yourself: Can you reach customer services and quality assurance staff quickly and easily? Does their team readily respond to emails and phone calls? Is their website responsive and up to date? If any of these questions elicit a “no,” consider going elsewhere for your wholesale wire needs.

Additionally, you can find some helpful information through online reviews. For example, you can see how the company interacts with and responds to customer input and criticism.

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About Malin Co. | Wholesale Wire

For more than a century, Malin Co. stainless steel wire supplier has been manufacturing high-quality products and packaging. In fact, many distinguished organizations throughout many industries depend on Malin for lockwire, medical wire, marine wire, wire brushes, and many other products. Malin also sets itself apart from other wire manufacturers by offering a wider variety of wire materials. Customers of Malin can choose from annealed brass wire, black oil tempered wire, soft bare single strand wire, soft tinned copper wire, and more!

The design and manufacturing staff at Malin considers product quality and customer satisfaction to be top priorities. As a result, they have earned their ISO 9001:2015 certification with strict quality control standards and attentive, friendly customer interactions.

In addition to high-quality products and services, Malin also offers material testing. Malin Co. offers advanced X-ray fluorescence (XRF) testing capabilities, so they can accurately determine material compositions for a wide range of materials.

This testing equipment also allows Malin’s staff to perform more thorough analyses of materials. So, they can more readily fulfill more unique and specific customer requirements. As a result, Malin’s customers receive non-destructive material testing services, precise verification of steel grades, and identification of any trace alloys.

Aerospace, hardware supply, mill supply teams, and many other industries depend on Malin for high-quality wholesale wire. If you are looking for wholesale wire suppliers near you, contact Malin Co. today! Learn more about Malin Co. on the Imgon Design Blog or visit our website for wholesale wire.

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