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WMS 2019 Woodworking Machinery & Supply Conference

WMS 2019 Woodworking Machinery & Supply Conference| Becker Canada

Come visit Becker Canada at WMS 2019! WMS 2019 is a Woodworking Machinery & Supply Conference, which attracts many substantial woodworking organizations. WMS has been a gathering hub for professional woodwork businesses for over forty years, bringing in businesses from all over Canada. Thus, many prominent suppliers and manufacturers attend WMS every year. If you use the promo code Becker19, you can receive a FREE pass to WMS 2019, so you can experience the National Event for Canada’s Wood Industry! Find Becker Canada at booth no. 1437.

WMS 2019 is an incredible marketplace for woodworking professionals in:
  • Wood Components
  • CNC Machinery
  • Solid Wood Processing Machinery
  • Cutting Tools
  • Sanding / Finishing Equipment & Materials
  • Portable Power Tools
  • Raw Materials
  • Green Products
  • Garage & Home Organization Products
  • Panel Processing Machinery
  • Waste Management & Dust Collection
  • And More!

Dry Vacuum Pumps for Woodworking

WMS 2019

If you are looking for vacuum pumps for your woodworking or CNC applications, Becker Canada manufacturers the best dry vacuum pumps available. You can even work with Becker to customize your vacuum pump for your application, so you can guarantee you get the most efficiency product possible. Becker can also work with OEMs, further ensuring you get the exact machine you need. Choosing Becker Canada means you get vacuum pumps with unparalleled efficiency and performance.

Furthermore, you can rely on Becker to provide you with a reliable vacuum pump for virtually any woodworking application. These pumps typically range from 1 to 25 horsepower, making them an industry standard; however, Becker Canada multi-pump machines can extend to 75 horsepower for specific applications. Maintenance is also extremely easy with Becker. You only need a few tools to remove a small number of bolts, and you can finish the job in no time. With Becker Canada dry vacuum pumps, you receive the following benefits:

  • Low Maintenance
  • Faster Service
  • Greater Hold-down Force
  • Max Horsepower Efficiency
  • Unrivaled Reliability

Imgon Design | WMS 2019 | Becker Canada

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Come visit Becker Canada at WMS 2019 Woodworking Machinery & Supply Conference! Learn more about WMS 2019 and Becker Canada at their websites: