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If you are searching for a replacement vane for your Becker Pump product don’t settle for counterfeit vanes. Maintaining maximum vacuum and pressure levels is a must for the prolonged life of your pump.  Becker wants you to be aware of counterfeit vanes that can void your Becker Pumps warranty. Becker Genuine Vanes have been explicitly engineered for the operating components of all Becker pumps. Don’t cheat yourself by using anything less. When employing Becker genuine carbon vanes your pump life increases saving you time and money in the long run.


  • Becker Pump replacement Vane-  Designed to withstand the heat generated.

Counterfeit replacement vanes cannot dissipate heat leading to premature wear, cupping, and chipping.

  • Becker Pump replacement Vane- Designed to withstand the friction generated.

Counterfeit replacement vanes do not have proper binding resin that minimizes friction and vane breakage.

  • Becker Pump replacement Vane- Designed sized to accurately fit a Becker Pump.

Counterfeit replacement vanes do not fit precisely and will not slide uniformly from the slot this increasing heat levels that cause harsh rotor damage.

  • Becker Pump replacement Vane- Designed with the correct hardness to prevent cylinder wash-boarding.

Counterfeit replacement vanes are too hard and chip readily reducing ultimate pressure.

Becker Did Their Homework

Over the years there have been manufactures/suppliers claiming their replacement vanes are directly from Becker Pumps. Becker’s technicians realizing this with the increasing number of vanes seizing up and damaging the pump. With the vanes being the most crucial wearing part of a rotary vane pump they started to investigate what was going on. Ruling out Becker’s replacement vanes knowing that they are designed to operate at maximum rated vacuum level, not causing damage to the pump as they wear. Becker discovered that a customer was misled into thinking they were purchasing Becker replacement vanes, prompting Becker to investigate even more. Only to learn that yes impostors were claiming that their products were Becker Genuine parts/vanes.
Becker Pumps planned to performed a year-long study by measuring the longevity wear and break down of the counterfeit replacement vanes verses Becker’s replacement vanes. Running two identical Becker Oil-Less Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumps; one with Becker vanes and one with counterfeit vanes. Within 5 months into the test, the counterfeit vanes started chipping and cupping resulting in a serious drop in a vacuum and increasing the heat discharge; while the Becker replacement vanes were still 100% intact. Additionally, the Becker vanes ran another 6 months without losing any operating pressure. Undoubtedly when it comes to replacement vanes Becker is the only way to go.

Genuine Parts Program | Becker Pumps Corporation | Easy Identification

Since the investigation, Becker has launched a Genuine Parts Program. All Becker vanes will feature a holographic emblem ensuring the authenticity of Becker Vanes. Additionally, Genuine Becker replacement vanes are only available from Becker Pumps Corporation. Don’t let the counterfeiters damage your vacuum pump.
Becker Pumps Genuine Replacement VaneBecker-Genuine-Rotary-Vane-Pump-Replacement-Vanesidentify-becker-genuine-vanes
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