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CDL Bus Driver Training Program from The TAPTCO

Looking for a CDL bus driver training program that includes high-quality educational videos, training guides for classrooms, behind the wheel, operator study, and performance checklist all-in package training kit? The Transit and Paratransit Company (TAPTCO) has the products you need. Integrated training courses for all your driver, leader, training, and mechanic requirements. 

In fact, TAPTCO has been designing these award-winning programs for more than twenty years. The team for TAPTCO consists of persons with a range of experience and specialties that include fleet operations and safety, industrial psychology, instructional design, and media production. 

You can rely on TAPTCO’s training programs to offer comprehensive CDL bus driver training. The best way to ensure your CDL applicants will receive their certification and become capable, safe, and reliable professional bus drivers. 

The Transit and Paratransit Company Products

Companies that are looking to significantly improve the driving behaviors of both their current drivers and new applicants should consider The Transit and Paratransit Company (TAPTCO) driver training courses. 

When the quality and content of your training are one of the most important factors of your operations don’t settle for anything less than The Transit and Paratransit Company (TAPTCO) CDL driver training courses.

Professionals that deliver training materials to improve drivers’ safety standards. This program is geared to help eliminate prior bad habits and reduce accident rates by nearly fifty percent.

Transit Operator Development Course

Designed to equip each applicant with the skills and knowledge and driving experience needed to pass the commercial driver’s licensing exam. Some of the highlighted topics include; Federal Regulations, Fatigue Management, Railroad Crossings, Pedestrian Awareness, and Accident & Emergency Procedures. 

Paratransit Operator Development Course

Designed to equip applicants with the skills and knowledge necessary to help drivers do it right, the first time, every time. Some of the highlighted topics include; Introduction to Professional Driving, Pre-Trip Inspections, Following Distance, Conflict & Aggression Management.

The Safety Leadership Course

Designed to equip leaders and instructors with the knowledge and guidance required to influence future applicants to become safe bus drivers. Some of the highlighted topics include; Understanding Human Behavior, Accidents, and why people have them, Leadership Principles and Techniques.

Trainer Certification Process

This program is designed to help your company implement the TAPTCO Operator Development Course. Providing you with the tools to interview, test, promote, and prepare your best candidates to become professional driver trainers. Some of the highlighted topics include; Minimum Qualifications, Structured Interviews, The Trainer Selection Process, and Written Exams.

Bus Garage Safety Toolkit / OSHA Compliance

This program is designed to provide the mechanics of your bus operations with information to prevent accidents. Including, information to ensure you are in compliance with OSHA requirements. Some of the highlighted topics include; Diesel Exhaust, Electrical Hazards, Welding, Fuel Islands, Fire Protection, and Forklift Safety. 

Conflict and Aggression Management

This program is designed to teach drivers how to avoid and handle and diffuse conflicts and aggressive situations. By teaching drivers the practice of Verbal Judo, which is the same technique taught in police academies. 

CDL Written Test Training Course

Once your applicants have completed the course finalize the last chapter of their training. All the while increasing their success to pass the CDL written test the first time they do so. Some of the highlighted topics include; Rules & Vehicle Inspections, Transporting Passengers, General Knowledge Driving Safety, and of course a practice CDL Written Test. 

About Taptco

For more than 30 years, the safety experts at the Transit & Paratransit Company have been designing bus driver training programs to reduce accidents and improve the safety of bus drivers and passengers. Over 450 agencies and almost every major contractor use the TAPTCO training courses at every location. They are the highest standard in the industry.

The TAPTCO training courses are video-based and delivered by many professional narrators. They clearly show the desired behaviors. There are many techniques to maintain trainee attention such as driver pop-ups, alternative views and many stops to provoke discussion.

These courses have been professionally created involving industry experts, industrial psychologists, learning strategists and far exceed any training materials created by a location themself. Learn more at https://taptco.com/.