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Columbus Crane Rental Service | General Crane Rental, LLC

Columbus Crane Rental Service 

Looking for the largest inventory of Columbus crane rental equipment? General Crane Rental, LLC has the equipment you need, in stock, and ready to be delivered. This rental company goes above and beyond to deliver customer service. Centrally located at 1-271 and Forbes Road in Macedonia, Ohio with approximately 6 acres of property. A rental company that comes with indoor and outdoor storage for your convenience. 

Additional services offered by General Crane Rental include its loading and unloading and truck services. But wait there’s more. They also have a repair facility with factory-trained mechanics on-site ready to service all makes and models of equipment. General Crane Rental is a  rental company like no other for all your residential and commercial job needs. Contact them today to learn more about how they can make your next crane rental exceed your expectations. 

Columbus Crane Rental Inventory of Equipment | All-Terrain, Crawler Cranes, and Boom Trucks  

All-Terrain Cranes – A mobile crane with the ability to travel at highway speeds, with the ability to maneuver on the rough terrain of the construction site. These cranes deliver quick mobility with its superior off-road control with more tires for increased stability.  With lifting capabilities ranging from 60-450 tons and can reach unsupported heights up to 265 feet. Ideal for both on and off-road construction applications. 

Crawler Cranes – These cranes are more like heavy-duty machines with hoisting capabilities that range up to 660 tons and can reach heights up to 700 feet. These cranes offer moveability and stability with its undercarriage set of tracks. The ideal crane for job sites that require a crane capable of traveling with a load. Commonly used for lifting heavy items and materials for large-scale construction projects. Additionally, they can operate and travel over a wide variety of terrain with the exception of softer soils. Crawler Cranes are extremely heavy and move at slower speeds, therefore they require special equipment to move from one site to the next. 

Boom Trucks – These hydraulic cranes are capable of traveling at highway speeds. The design allows for workers to be safely lifted to perform duties from the ground to elevated locations. Additionally, with its flatbed body style, it also has the ability to transport other equipment to and from work sites. With lifting capabilities of 20-60 tons and can reach heights up to 73 feet, this rental is ideal for maintenance operations such as:

  • Construction 
  • Tree Trimming
  • Power Line 
  • Window Washing
  • Bridge Construction  
  • Exterior Painting 
  • Hanging Holiday Lights
  • Picking Fruit
  • Aerial Filming & Photography

Complete job tasks safely and efficiently with a Boom Truck rental. 

Columbus Crane Rental Inventory of Equipment | Carry Deck, Truck, and Rough Terrain Cranes 

Carry Deck Crane – These versatile cranes can prove to be a priceless asset for just about any job site. With the ability to maneuver in tight spaces with ease and clearing overhead obstacles along the way. With lift capacities of 5,000-15,000 pounds and lift heights ranging from 15-50 feet. Additionally, they can move loads over short distances. Ideal for lifting materials when a low-profile compact crane is needed. User-friendly controls and accessories are also available with carry deck cranes to meet your work site’s needs.

Truck Crane – Need a Columbus crane rental capable of long-distance travel? Truck cranes are mounted directly onto the truck. This allows for mobility at high speeds between job sites, eliminating the need for specialized transportation equipment. When your job application needs higher mobility and efficiency, truck cranes are the perfect solution for the job. 

Rough Terrain Cranes – Need a crane for heavy lifting jobs in even the harshest conditions? This cranes oversized tires and short wheelbase allow for off-road confidence with hills, bumps, rocks, and mountain use. The design offers superior control and steering for all your roughest off-road job site locations. When standard vehicles and truck cranes are not capable of traveling through these areas, the rough terrain crane is your ideal solution. 

Columbus Crane Rental from General Crane Rental, LLC 

Make General Crane your #1 one-stop-shop for all your crane rental needs. With its superior customer service and OSHA-certified equipment, you will get the job done efficiently, safely, and quickly. Specializing in the rental and service of all-terrain cranes, rough terrain cranes, truck cranes, crawler cranes, carry deck cranes and boom trucks. Additionally, they have experience in the buying and selling of new and used equipment.