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Copperloy Loading Ramps

Safety and Efficiency | Copperloy Loading Ramps

When warehouses and other facilities use less-than-reliable loading ramps, it can be a great detriment to their productivity. In an environment where people are loading and unloading all day, the loading ramps involved should be capable of withstanding the workload. Copperloy truck loading ramps can easily handle a full workday and then some. Their yard ramps are among the safest in the industry. With a durable design, Copperloy loading ramps are distinctly superior to other ramps on the market; furthermore, they make the process of loading and unloading a much more efficient process. These one-cylinder ramps also apply significantly less pressure than their two-cylinder counterparts. In addition, they have faster raising speeds, better stability, and increased ease of operation.

Copperloy ramps have extreme resistance to the wear and tear common to a warehouse operation. Their ramps have notable longevity and are extremely reliable. Copperloy is one of the top manufacturers of truck loading ramps in the industry.

Why Copperloy Truck Loading Ramps?

Copperloy ramps have many distinct features that set them apart from other industry ramps:

  • 8-Foot Level Off: This is a staple of Copperloy’s ramps. This 8-foot level off makes forklift access markedly smoother. Traveling on and off trucks and loading docks is much safer and easier with this level off.
  • Hydraulic Pump: For other ramps, the location of the hydraulic hand pump is inconvenient for the operator. With Copperloy, however, ramps are designed with a hand pump on the outside. Now, not only is it easy to access, but it is also protected from dirt and damage, lessening the need for maintenance. Furthermore, this single-acting hand pump only requires half of the usual effort to operate.
  • Low End Plate and Safety Curb: Forklifts tend to have difficulty traveling on and off loading ramps, but Copperloy has addressed this issue thoroughly. Their ramps include an end plate that is shorter than the forklift’s wheelbase. The front wheels of a forklift can easily reach the grating while its back wheels are still firmly on the ground. There is also a 7-inch safety curb on Copperloy ramps that prevents runoff. When combined, these two features make forklift operation much smoother and safer.
  • Solid/Pneumatic Tires: Spending time on refilling tires can be a significant waste of resources. Solid/Pneumatic tires make this issue a thing of past. Coupled with lubricated bearings, Copperloy’s loading ramp tires are virtually maintenance-free.

America’s Ultimate Loading Ramp

Copperloy designs their ramps to maximize space, safety, and efficiency. They have created one of the best loading ramp designs in America. The revamped, one-cylinder ramp uses much less pressure to lift the ramp, relative to the usual two-cylinder hydraulic system. This modification has created the following advantages:

  • Easier operation – The location of the pump has substantially increase ease of access.
  • Faster raise times – Copperloy ramps raise two and a half times faster than the common loading ramp.
  • Less wear and tear – Instead of occurring on the ramp connection, rotation occurs on the redesigned positioning sleeve, mitigating wear and tear on the ramp’s structure.
  • Greater stability – The centrally located cylinder reduces the chances of tipping.

Anyone looking to increase safety and efficiency at their facilities should look into Copperloy’s loading ramps and other products. The invaluable durability and longevity of these ramps make Copperloy ramps a tool synonymous with success. Copperloy home of the Ultimate Yard Ramp!