Yard Ramp and Loading Dock Equipment

Copperloy Truck Ramps

Copperloy Truck Ramps

If a truck ramp is unsafe and unreliable, it can be a great detriment to the efficiency of a loading dock operation. When people are loading and unloading from trucks all day, the truck ramps in use need to be capable of handling the workload. Copperloy manufacturers some of the safest truck ramps in the industry. Their hydraulic ramps are significantly safer and more efficient than other ramps, improving the overall process of loading and unloading. The modern, one-cylinder design of Copperloy’s ramps causes them to apply significantly less pressure than their two-cylinder counterparts. Furthermore, they also have improved stability, faster-raising speeds, and simpler operation processes. In addition, the hydraulic pump is placed on the outside of the ramp for ease of access.

Copperloy ramps are also resistant to the usual wear and tear ramps commonly experience. By providing ramps with unparalleled longevity and reliability, Copperloy maintains its position as a leading provider of loading equipment with strength and stability. The many features of their ramps have invaluable usefulness for any loading operation.

Why Copperloy Truck Ramps?

Copperloy truck ramps have superior functionality relative to competing products. The many features they provide make the process of loading and unloading much easier and safer.

  • 8-Foot Level Off: A staple feature of Copperloy ramps, this 8-foot level off allows forklifts to access the ramp smoothly and easily. Traveling onto loading docks, platforms, or trucks has never been easier than with a Copperloy truck ramp.
  • Hydraulic Pump: The location of the hydraulic pump sets Copperloy truck ramps apart from the rest. All features of Copperloy ramps make for a safer, more efficient experience; however, the pumps location is especially useful. Relative to other mobile ramps, this single-acting hand pump requires half of the effort to operate. Furthermore, the hydraulic hand pump is protected from dirt and damage, simplifying maintenance.
  • Low End Plate and Safety Curb: For other truck ramps, forklift access can be a serious struggle. With Copperloy, however, each ramp has an end plate that is shorter than a fork lift’s wheelbase; thus, the forklift’s wheels can reach the ramp’s grating while its back wheels are firmly on the ground. There is also a 7-inch safety curb to prevent runoff, which is included with all Copperloy ramps. The combination of these aspects allows forklifts to easily on and off the ramp.
  • Solid/Pneumatic Tires: Solid or pneumatic tires remove the need for constant refilling, replacement, and other forms of maintenance. Copperloy ramps have tires that also use lubricated bearings, making them virtually maintenance-free.

These are just a few advantages that Copperloy ramps provide. If you are looking to significantly improve the efficiency of the loading and unloading process, consider Copperloy’s truck ramps and other products. Reliability and safety are their specialties. Count on Copperloy to help you maximize safety, efficiency and profitability in your workspace.