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If you are searching for custom rubber products in China, Wuxi Aomeite is the company you’ve been looking for. Wuxi manufactures their silicone rubber extruded products to meet unique customer demands. They offer a variety of Chinese-manufactured Silicone and Silicone Sponge Extrusion options. Their products can meet the requirements for myriad applications and specific customer needs. Furthermore, Wuxi’s products are available in a multitude of colors and densities from very soft to very dense. They can also be custom blended by request.

Wuxi works with a wide range of silicone materials: fluorosilicone, silicone, silicone rubber, and custom compounds. With this selection, they can create high-quality extrusions for a plethora of applications. Wuxi can manufacture extruded silicone cords, tubing, gaskets, and much more. With their innovative manufacturing techniques and an experienced staff, they produce reliable extruded silicone products; furthermore, these products meet customer requirements and are delivered on time, every single time.

Differences Between Molded and Extruded Rubber and Silicone

The first step in the process is extruding the rubber profiles from the die and curing them in a line of microwave units, maintaining the finished form. Extruded rubber products are forced through the die of the cross section under pressure of an extruder. Also, it is common for products to be unvulcanized before being extruded, which leaves the rubber in a malleable state post-extrusion. In these cases, vulcanizing the product is necessary before use.

Secondly, the flutes of the revolving screw carry the rubber into the die while increasing temperature and pressure. Once the material has reached the die, pressure forces the material through the openings. It will then swell in multiple degrees depending on the compound and hardness. This tendency of swelling requires extruded parts to have plus or minus tolerances on their cross sections. Extruded rubber will swell or shrink in both the length and cross section in the vulcanization process, depending on the type of compound used.

Lastly, once the vulcanization is complete, a length of rubber extrusion will be reduced more in the center of the length than at the ends.

About Wuxi Aomeite | Custom Rubber Products China

Wuxi Aomeite has been growing for many years by maintaining a good work ethic and a ‘can-do’ attitude. They started meeting the industry’s needs for silicone rubber in 1988. It did not take them long to expand their influence. Although they began as a molding company, they quickly became more versatile, offering extrusion and hand-fabrication service. Now, Wuxi manufactures some of the best custom rubber products in China.

Wuxi Aomeite Silicon Co., Ltd, manufactures custom rubber products in China that are both extruded and molded. Their extruded rubber products include silicone tubing, hoses, and cords; conductive silicone rubber tubing, extruded silicone gaskets, and much, much more. Wuxi’s molded products include boots, bellows, sleeves, gaskets, seals, rollers, washers, etc. Their in-house mixing and tooling gives them the advantage of the fastest, most efficient turn-around and delivery versatility in the industry.

Wuxi’s experience in the industry is two decades total. They have likely met requirements similar to your own; however, if it turns out they haven’t, they are confident they have the resources to do so. Furthermore, their customer base reaches many industrial sectors such as construction, telecommunications, automotive, aerospace, and more; therefore, customers of Wuxi can rest easy knowing they are working with a respected manufacturer.

Anyone searching “Custom Rubber Products China” will find exactly what they need with Wuxi Aomeite. With their help, you will receive products that present quality and value for the money you invest. Wuxi will ensure that your product meets your expectations while also being cost-effective.