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Deltran | A Leader Among Aluminum Stamping Companies

Deltran | A Leader Among Aluminum Stamping Companies

Deltran and Imgon Design | A Partnership of Innovation and Growth | Deltran Aluminum Metal Stampings

If you have been searching for aluminum stamping companies, turn to the experts at Deltran. As digital marketers, Imgon takes great pride in standing behind the work of the team at Deltran, an aluminum stamping company that specializes in delivering customized solutions, as well as prototype and short-run services, all at competitive prices.

In a similar way, the Imgon team provides customized solutions with our high-quality digital marketing plans. You can learn more about aluminum stamping company resources by going to Deltran’s website or by visiting the Imgon blog.

The Ability to Design and Build Progressive Tooling to Produce Custom Precision Metal Stampings Sets Deltran Apart from the Competition

If you’re looking for a precision stamping supplier, look no further than Deltran. Known for its high standard of excellence, Deltran is an ISO 9001:2015 registered company. Deltran specializes in the production of custom precision metal stampings, producing precious metal contacts using inlay, overlay, and engineered materials, and quick connect terminals and various switch component stampings. Deltran is well-known for its proprietary tapping system, which allows them to offer competitive pricing for tapped, or threaded, stamping. Deltran offers in-die staking of contacts onto stamping as well.

Their capabilities allow Deltran to process a variety of types of materials, with thicknesses as low as .003. Deltran can work with engineered materials, including thermostatic and precious metals. With over 40 power presses on site, Deltran can meet any customer’s production requirements. In addition, progressive tooling needs are handled on-site.

Other capabilities are contracted through other companies, including procurement of heat treating, inserting screw into the tapped stamping, plating of stampings, and insert molded solutions with Jaco Products. The Deltran team services industries such as the electrical/electronic, consumer appliance, automotive, industrial controls and terminal block industries.

Deltran offers a wide range of stocking programs in order to meet demands of quick ship, tailored to the customer’s needs. Deltran also ships worldwide.

Advantages of Aluminum Stamping Companies

Aluminum is widely used in the creation of metal stampings. Here are the most common grades of aluminum that are used to create metal stampings:

  • 1100 Aluminum – AKA Commercial Grade Aluminum, 1100 Aluminum is offers machinability and forming characteristics, making it great for bending, drawing, spinning, stamping, roll forming, and more.
  • 2024 Aluminum – Known for its high strength; optimal for aircraft and vehicle applications.
  • 3003 Aluminum – Notable corrosion resistance, workability; can be deep drawn or spun, brazed or welded.
  • 5052 Aluminum – Characterized by its high static strength, medium to high strength requirements, excellent corrosion resistance, and good toughness.
  • 6061 Aluminum – Great formability, medium to high strength requirements, good toughness, and corrosion resistance.

Aluminum offers advantages that make it a top choice for industries that need aluminum metal stamping/stamped parts.

Deltran’s Aluminum Stamping Capabilities

If you have been searching for aluminum stamping companies, partner with the experts at Deltran. Capabilities include:

  • In-house progressive tooling production.
  • Stamping materials with widths up to 4” and a thickness range of .006” – .093”.
  • Expertise in and knowledge of engineered materials using selective plating or overlay and inlay bonding.
  • BiMetal material stamping.
  • Proprietary tapped stamping with inserted screws.
  • Riveting of metal contacts onto stampings.
  • Relationships with reputable subcontractors for the procurement of heat treating and plating.
  • Multiple inventory programs. 
  • Insert molded stampings manufacturing alliance with Jaco Products.

Deltran’s goal is to deliver products that optimize operational efficiency and quality.

The Team of Creative Minds behind Deltran

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