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Zerust Bags | Zerust Consumer Products

What are Zerust Bags?

So what exactly are Zerust bags and what do they do?  Zerust bags diffuse vapor corrosion inhibitors to protect metal components, machined parts, engines, molds and more from rust. Zerust VCI Weapon Protection Bags have been designed specifically to protect the ferrous metals such as guns, rifles and other weapons from rust and corrosion. 

Zerust® has developed a rust prevention technology that provides metal protection from harmful rust and corrosion. So how does this technology work? It’s relatively simple, Zerust weapon protection bags protect from rust by releasing an invisible, non-toxic,non-reactive and odorless corrosion-inhibiting vapor. This technology is safe for all metal and wood, it does not leave any residue behind and will not harm stocks, grips, optics, and ammunition. Upon removal of your weapon or firearm from the bag, the anti-tarnish molecules evaporate into the air. Additionally, this technology is environmentally friendly, and US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) approved. It’s even safe enough to use with foodware and kitchen equipment. 

How to Use VCI Weapon Protection Zerust Bags 

Whenever you need to store your firearms, simply clean them as you normally would then place the item in the appropriate sized Zerust bag. You can ensure protection against corrosion damage for years when used correctly, up to 5 to be exact. 

VCI Weapon Protection Bags come in a variety of sizes with multiple closure options. The plain closure option can be secured with a zip tie or twist tie. The zip closures are self-sealing. Whenever there is a need to store your firearm, be it short term or long term you can count on VCI poly Zerust bags to deliver effective corrosion protection of metals for years to come. 

Zerust Consumer Products 

Since 2001 Zerust has been developing, manufacturing and delivering affordable rust and corrosion preventative products to customers worldwide. Protecting metals, including, metals created from aluminum, brass, copper, iron, nickel, steel, and silver is what they do best. For a full list of visit their consumer products page. If the object is metal and you want to protect it from rust, tarnish and corrosion store all your metal products in Zerust bags.  

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