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Metal Stamping Service | 2 Reasons to Choose Deltran

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Imgon Design works with various companies in the metal stamping industry, so we can provide Deltran with what they need to succeed in a competitive digital marketplace. While Deltran offers precision metal stamping service, we provide them with high-quality digital marketing services like search engine optimization, social media management, web design, and more! As a result, Deltran can reach a larger audience of potential customers, and customers can get the quality custom parts they need.

If you need metal stamping service in Ohio, you can depend on Deltran. Deltran is a top provider of precision stamping, offering full-service stamping capabilities for a variety of industries. So, they can produce metal parts for projects ranging from short-run prototyping to high-volume part production. Customers can depend on Deltran for precision metal forming processes and metal stamp parts of the highest quality.

2 Reasons to Choose Deltran’s Metal Stamping Service

Exceptional precision and quality

Deltran is a leading metal stamping company and a division of Wedge Products, another leader in the metal stamping industry. They offer many design and production capabilities for progressive tool and die, so they can create custom stampings with unparalleled precision. Furthermore, they maintain exceptional quality and performance standards as an ISO 9001:2015 registered manufacturer.

Deltran also offers many metal stamped products including metal contacts with inlay, overlay, and engineered materials as well as switch-component stampings and quick-connect terminals. They even have a proprietary tapping system. So, they offer competitive pricing for all tapped and threaded stamping products. With Deltran’s experience in metal stamping processes, you will always get the parts you need.

Additionally, Deltran has the stamping capabilities necessary for providing custom metal stampings to various industries including, automotive, electronics, terminal block, industrial controls, and consumer appliances.

Versatile stamping capabilities

Deltran’s advanced manufacturing facility gives them the ability to offer a diverse variety of metal stamping capabilities:

  • In-house production of progressive die and stamping tooling
  • Stamping of materials with widths up to 4” and a thickness range of .006” – .093”.
  • Comprehensive knowledge of engineered materials using selective plating as well as overlay and inlay bonding.
  • BiMetal material stamping
  • Efficient and cost-effective tapped stamping with inserted screws
  • Riveting of metal contacts onto sheet metal stampings
  • Professional partnerships with established subcontractors for heat treating and plating.
  • Inventory programs including Kan-Ban, Min-Max, etc.
  • Manufacturing alliance with Jaco Products for insert molded stampings.

Imgon Design | Metal Stamping Service | Deltran

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Searching for precision metal stamping service near you? Contact Deltran today! Learn more about Deltran on the Imgon Design Blog or visit their website.

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