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Difference Between LASIK and Cataract Surgery

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LASIK and Cataract Surgery | The Basics

Patients dealing with nearsightedness, farsightedness or astigmatism often choose laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis or LASIK. The procedure reshapes a patient’s cornea with an advanced laser. A typical LASIK procedure sequence first involves the application of numbing eye drops, next the formation of a cornea flap, then the reshaping of the cornea and finally, the replacement of the flap.  

A cataract, or the clouding of an eye’s natural lens, can cause blurred vision, sensitivity to light and double vision, along with other symptoms. A surgeon can remove a patient’s unhealthy eye lens and replace it with an artificial one. The surgical process usually starts with the application of numbing and dilating drops and the application of a local anesthetic. After the surgeon has prepared the eye, he or she most often uses an ultrasound probe to break up the unhealthy lens and then suctions the pieces out.

Difference Between LASIK and Cataract Surgery

The key difference between LASIK and cataract surgery is the part of the eye involved. Specifically, LASIK surgery reshapes a patient’s cornea while cataract surgery treats an unhealthy eye lens. LASIK patients also tend to be younger than cataract surgery patients, as cataracts usually develop in later life. 

However, both LASIK and cataract surgery can bring a patient’s vision to 20/20 or better by means of advanced laser technology. Patients do occasionally receive the two procedures in combination, but this has become less common as the reliability of artificial eye lenses has improved.  

Can a Patient With Cataracts Receive LASIK Surgery Safely? 

Medical professionals generally do not recommend that cataract patients receive LASIK surgery as the procedure does not treat the vision loss that comes with cataracts. However, some patients with small congenital cataracts can still receive laser eye surgery safely. Reach out to your eye surgeon to discuss your specific condition and risks.  

About Davis Eye Center 

Patients from all over Northeast Ohio count on Davis Eye Center for LASIK, general eye care services and cataract treatment. The team has earned its reputation of excellence through maintaining the most current in surgical technology and the most experienced staff possible. From routine care to advanced surgical treatments, you can feel confident in choosing Davis Eye Center of Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio.

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