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Where to Purchase a Portable Ramp Aluminum Dock Plate

Where to Purchase a Portable Ramp Aluminum Dock Plate

If your business is in need of a portable ramp aluminum dock plate we recommend that you visit Copperloy. For over 60 years Copperloy has been leading its industry for yard ramps and dock equipment. Copperloy dock plates have proven to be the most affordable light-duty solution where low height differences exist. 

Copperloy’s aluminum dock plates are ideal for industries that load and unload freight employing pallet jacks, hand trucks, and other non-powered material handling equipment. Under no circumstances should aluminum dock plates be used with forklifts or any other motorized loading equipment. 

The lightweight features of these portable ramps are what make them so popular with these industries. They are easy to store out of the way for facilities limited to space. Allowing facilities to free up its floor space by conveniently transferring the dock plate to lean up against the wall. With the knuckle saving lifting straps dock plates can easily be moved from one remote area to another by two persons. 

Additionally, these dock plates can be easily transportable by delivery trucks and merchant vendors which enables them to be prepared and efficient. 

Also, one of its advantages of being aluminum means it will remain rust-free. Therefore, this is the best option of material for drivers that transport frozen foods, and those who transport moister content to grocery stores and restaurants. 

Another advantage is applications or storage exposed to weather conditions. Since the dock plate does not have any steel or iron materials it will not corrode and rust from harsh conditions such as snow and rain. 

Copperloy Portable Ramp Aluminum Dock Plate Features and Capabilities. 

Copperloy by JH Industries is located in Twinsburg, Ohio. Everything is engineered and manufactured right here in the United States. Copperloy dock plates are designed to bridge the gap of low height difference between the dock and truck. Safely transporting freight of low to medium applications when employing hand trucks, manual pallet jacks, and electric pallet jacks. 

The capabilities of Copperloy’s portable aluminum ramp is strong enough to accommodate up to 12,500 pounds. Including widths of 36,48,60, and 72 inches. And lengths of 24, 30, 36, 42, 48, 54, 60, 66, and 72 inches.

Standard features include all-aluminum construction, bolt-on steel legs, beveled edges for smooth transitions, an 11-inch lip, an all-weathered beveled diamond-plated surface, yellow deck edges and knuckle-saving lifting straps.

Copperloy dock plates are not recommended for forklift trucks and other heavy dock equipment. If your loading and unloading operations require forklift usage a dock board is recommended instead. Dock boards have the capability to handle heavier loads and larger dock equipment. Additionally, they include side curbs that help prevent runoff. If you are unsure of which loading dock equipment best fits your specifications and requirements, contact Copperloy today. Their team of knowledgeable and experienced representatives will assist you in determining your best fit. 

Signs It’s Time To Replace You Portable Ramp Aluminum Dock Plate 

Everything wears down over time, especially true with dock equipment that takes the treads day in and day out. Also, we all know that the life expectancy of aluminum is not as long as steel. However, with proper minimal maintenance, you can expect more than your money’s worth of years of usage. 

However, knowing the signs of when it’s time to replace your dock plate keeps your employees, delivery drivers, and vendors safe. And if you know anything about Copperloy, you know that safety is always their first priority. 

When using the dock plate one should periodically do a visual inspection of the tread plate’s condition and shape. The dock plate consists of a raised diamond treads that provide anti-slip properties. Over a period of time and daily use the diamond treads can start to wear down which then poses as a slipping hazard. This is a warning sign that it’s time to replace the dock plate. 

Additionally, during your visual inspections, one should also look for any warping, cracks, stress fractures, or any other misshaping of the dock plate. These are also warning signs that it’s time to replace the dock plate. 

Need to learn more about how Copperloy ramps could help you maximize efficiency in your space? If so, then https://copperloy.com/ today.