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How Can WaveLight Laser Technologies Improve My Vision?

Davis Eye Center and Imgon | Working Together and Growing Together

Searching for WaveLight laser technologies? Healthcare teams from all over Northeast Ohio continue to provide quality care despite the coronavirus craziness. The team from Davis Eye Center is one of many committing to the community’s patients. The marketers and designers from Imgon take pride in bringing the Davis Eye Center brand vision into reality. 

With this in mind, you can learn more about WaveLight laser technologies by visiting the Davis Eye Center website. In addition, you can find more information about the Davis Eye Center team and its work by visiting the Imgon blog.  

Preparing for LASIK Surgery

Do have a LASIK appointment coming up? You can have the easiest surgery possible when you prepare correctly. If you wear contact lenses, then your surgeon will likely tell you to stop wearing them for an amount of time specific to your condition prior to your surgery. This will help prevent any distortion to the shape of your cornea.

You can also prevent eye irritation by not wearing any eye makeup on the day of your LASIK surgery. You should also arrange a ride home from surgery, as you will experience blurry vision. 

WaveLight Laser Technologies 

Improve both your vision and your health with exclusive WaveLight laser technologies! Eye surgeons use the WaveLight Refractive Suite to customize a topographic map of a patient’s eye and a corresponding laser movement pattern. The suite features a 1050 Hz multi-dimensional eye tracking system to ensure fast and accurate placement. It also allows a surgeon access to a patient’s medical information in real-time during a LASIK surgery.

About Davis Eye Center 

Davis Eye Center has earned a reputation of excellence in LASIK surgery, cataract care and general eye care among patients across the Northeast Ohio community. Significantly, the team maintains the most current in surgical technology and the most experienced staff possible. 

Whether you need a routine eye exam or cutting edge surgery, you can count on the dedicated team from Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio’s Davis Eye Center.    

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Patients count on the physicians from Davis Eye Center for top-quality care. Similarly, client businesses count on the Imgon team for dedication to their growth. In fact, companies collaborate with Imgon for exclusive search engine optimization (SEO) plans, website design and so much more. 

If you want to adapt your digital marketing strategy to bring your brand past the chaos of the coronavirus, then count on Imgon to help your business grow. 

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