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Forklift Loading Ramps | Copperloy Products | Safe & Reliable

Forklift Loading Ramps

When searching for reliable Forklift loading ramps look no further than Copperloy Products. Copperloy offers high quality and heavy duty forklift loading ramps. Forklift loading ramps can increase your facilities’ overall productivity and efficiency including a safe and dependable dock process. What sets Copperloy Forklift loading ramps apart from the competing products? With the 8-foot level off this provides a smoother entry for forklifts onto loading docks, trucks and platforms. The hydraulic pump is a single-acting hand pump for simple operation and is conveniently located on the outside of the ramp allowing easier access. The low-end plate allows easy access to the grating while keeping the forklift back wheels safely on the ground. A seven – inch safety curb prevents any runoff. The solid/pneumatic tires feature well-lubricated bearings to prevent constant maintenance and inspection yet providing convenience and reliability.

Copperloy Forklift Loading Ramps offer:

  • One-Cylinder design
  • Superior strength, utility, and stability
  • fast raising speeds
  • simple operation
  • unbeatable lifespans
  • Variety of models
  • Steel Grating
  • Weight capacities of 16,000-35,000 Lbs.
  • Hydraulic Pump is easily accessible
  • 8-Foot level off
  • Low-end plate and safety curb
  • low maintenance
  • Solid/pneumatic tires

With 60 years of experience, in-house engineering, and manufacturing facility Copperloy can produce custom forklift loading ramps to meet the individual needs of your facility. Their goal is to help you get the job done safely, quickly, easily and reliably and satisfactorily. Copperloy’s team is there to help you find a solution for your facility needs, based on the weight of the equipment you utilize,  the loads you carry, and the specifications of your facility.