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A Rotary Vane Pump has several vanes mounted in a rotor and works using a positive displacement; creating circulation in the main cavity then forcing and or pulling air through ducts, pipes, or process at varying rates based on use. During operation, these vanes slide in and out creating a seal on the chamber or cavity, which allows smaller chambers to form within a larger chamber. Within these smaller chambers, air is captured and compressed which forces air throughout the system and decreasing and or increasing sizes of the chambers between the vanes all the while rotating. The rotor guides the continuous flow of air in a uniform orderly manner during this process without any of the “Pulsations” that other technologies of pumps create.

Uses of Rotary Vane Pumps:

  • Vacuum infusion of composites
  • Environmental Applications
  • Pick and place
  • Vacuum Hold Down for CNC routers
  • Paper and Plastic Packing
  • Medical/Surgical Vacuum
  • Food Packaging and Processing
  • Printing and Paper Converting

A rotary vane pump can be used for either vacuum or pressure, sometimes even both. 

Becker Rotary Vane Pump | Preferred Among Most Users 

Becker Pumps offers vane pumps to accommodate a variety of needs. One of the features of Becker’s Variar VFD rotary vane pumps is its intelligent variable speed controller. These pumps are efficient with vacuum and pressure vane pump applications. Becker’s pumps are compact and extremely quiet and require minimal maintenance creating them to be the preferred option among most users. The goal at Becker Pumps is satisfied customers and they will assist you in determining which product is best suited for your needs.

Becker Pumps Variar Vane Pumps offer:

  • Extended Vane life
  • 100% oil-less operation
  • 2:1 flow ratio
  • Integrated or external inlet filters


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