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Garage Floor Resurfacing | Concrete Garage Floor Repair

Garage Floor Resurfacing | Concrete Garage Floor Repair

If you’re looking for garage floor resurfacing and concrete garage floor repair service, Contact Ohio Garage Interiors (OGI). OGI is a leading provider of garage floor resurfacing service and epoxy floor coatings installation. OGI offers affordable and efficient service, so your flooring will look better and last longer. Their garage floor coatings protect your flooring from future wear and tear. Choosing OGI means you receive quality and precision at an affordable price, which means you’ll get the most out of your remodeling investment. Get a quote free of charge by calling to schedule an in-home inspection. You can also send photos of your flooring if it’s more convenient. OGI’s team of expert garage flooring contractors will inspect the damaged areas of your flooring and determine the best method for restoration and protection of your floors.

Common garage floor issues

Garage flooring issues show up in a variety of ways, but some are more common than others. Here are some of the most common issues to be aware of:

Cracking and Pitting

Cracking and pitting are incredibly common issues for garage flooring in Ohio. If the cracks and pits are minor, the repairs are quick, easy, and affordable. OGI will repair floor cracking and pitting to prevent further cracking in the future. Concrete’s natural rigidity means it is guaranteed to crack over time. Concrete also experiences thaw cycles in the winter, as well as expansion and shrinkage from varying temperatures and humidity. These are the main causes of cracking, but contraction and control joints can also be at fault. Although these joints are designed to prevent cracks from spreading to the entire slab, they increase the number of cracks in individual sections. Any cracks larger than 1/4 inch will need to be ground and filled before the resurfacing process starts. OGI uses a masonry wheel or a chisel and hammer to chase and grind cracks. Their expert contractors will also apply concrete filler and resurface the concrete before applying high-strength epoxy. OGI highly recommends treating cracks sooner rather than later. Contact OGI so you can repair  cracking and prevent future damages.


A quick application of self-leveling concrete to any settled areas can solve minor settling. However, the effects of major settling can be far more serious. In extreme cases, a full flooring replacement may be necessary, so make sure you consult with a reliable flooring contractor so you can consider your options. Be sure to set up an in-home inspection for a free quote before committing to a major replacement procedure. Once you receive quotes for flooring repair and replacement, compare the costs. If repairs cost nearly as much as a replacement, a replacement will be more effective overall.

Do you need a garage flooring replacement?

In most cases, garage flooring can be repaired so that you can avoid a complete replacement. However, serious damages can mean repairs may not be worth the price; especially if your concrete slab has shifted or dropped. Shifting and degradation of a concrete slab could be due to:
  • Low-quality concrete mix, which results in quicker degradation
  • Water damage from low-quality drainage systems or other types of moisture buildup
  • Thaw cycles throughout the winter
  • Preparation of the concrete was inaccurate during the initial installation
  • Road salt tracked in on boots and car tires
  • Shifting as a result of soil shifting
If you notice any of these issues with your flooring, there is a high probability that you will need a flooring replacement. Contact OGI to schedule a free in-home inspection before committing to any procedures.

Garage floor resurfacing process:

  • Clear garage prior to service. Find storage and parking for your belongings, including vehicles
  • Remove the current concrete flooring
  • Dig to reach solid ground
  • Apply geotextile membrane
  • Install drainage system
  • Fill the excavated area with gravel
  • Compact the gravel
  • Install a vapor barrier to protect from moisture buildup
  • Install wire mesh to reinforce the flooring
  • Pour the new concrete
  • Give concrete time to cure
  • Apply epoxy coating to the garage flooring
  • Once the epoxy has cured, you can begin using your new garage flooring

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