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Progressive Stamping Die Manufacturers | PMD

Progressive Stamping Die Manufacturers | PMD

Progressive Stamping Die Manufacturers (PMD) is one of the leading progressive stamping die manufacturers. PMD offers effective progressive die and stamping solutions for metal parts requiring complex production and development. Die stamping involves reshaping sheet metal throughout the multiple workstations of a die. The die is much like a cookie cutter for metal. The die’s workstations perform different jobs in order to create the finished part.

The manufacturing process of progressive die stamping can cut, bend, punch, draw, emboss, shave, and coin metal to produce metal parts. PMD efficiently produces metal components with unique specifications and applications. If you’re looking for a reliable progressive die stamping manufacturer, search no further than PMD to develop the metal parts you need. PMD consistently meets and exceeds the performance requirements of your application.

About PMD

PMD is considered a leader in full-service progressive stamping die manufacturers in Ohio. They can fulfill the requirements of virtually any metal stamping project request. PMD is a top supplier of metal parts for a variety of industries, including, hardware, bearings and gas distribution.

With its commitment to exceptional product quality, PMD has supplied distinguished national and international clients. In addition, PMD has the ability to meet the requirements of even the toughest metal stamping projects.

Progressive Stamping Die Manufacturers

Precision Metal Stamping Service | Progressive Stamping Die Manufacturers

PMD provides a variety of American-made products including hangers, straps, and other high-quality metal components. Customers of PMD can also enjoy the satisfaction of supporting an American manufacturing company. Furthermore, PMD utilizes domestic raw materials, acquired in the United States.

PMD manufactures standard and custom metal products, including hangers, conduit straps, washers, and many other electrical components. With advanced equipment and an experienced team, PMD creates some of the most exceptional metal components in the industry.

Imgonced Metal Stamping Equipment

PMD’s staff works with state-of-the-art metal stamping equipment in order to provide high-quality solutions to customers. With this advanced equipment, they can easily meet and exceed the requirements of the most complex of projects.

PMD is always searching for new ways to improve its manufacturing techniques and products. As a result, PMD is capable of offering every customer the highest possible quality of components. PMD also offers packing and assembly service to fulfill customer delivery requirements.

Design & Prototyping

PMD’s services include developing new products and parts. Their experience in designing and prototyping allows them to quickly and accurately solve any issues before finishing the hard tooling design. Because of this, PMD’s customers receive quality, precision, and efficiency.

Advantages of the Progressive Metal Stamping Process | Progressive Stamping Die Manufacturers

PMD will deliver effective metal component manufacturing with competitive pricing, as well as the following advantages:

  • Quick Set-up
  • High Press Tonnage
  • Consistent Close Tolerances
  • Can Perform Multiple Stamping Operations Simultaneously
  • Ability to Produce Several Parts with Each Press Stroke

Best Components for Progressive Die Machines

PMD’s machinery can also perform high-volume, exceptionally quick production runs. Progressive die machines take 38% less time, relative to four-slide or multi-slide machinery.

PMD’s machinery also produces multiple components per machine stroke. This means they are the ideal option for high-volume runs. Some common parts PMD can effectively produce at higher volumes:

  • Terminals
  • Lead Frames
  • Brackets
  • Shields

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Looking for progressive die stamping manufacturers in Ohio? Learn more about PMD by visiting their website or visit the Imgon Design blog.