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GForce Performance Offers the Best Solutions for Any Engine Swap Project

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GForce Performance Gives You the Tools to Take Your Vehicle to the Next Level

Do you want to perform an engine swap and build the high-performance vehicle of your dreams? GForce Performance Products is a leading provider of automotive components and accessories, offering a full range of engine swap kits to help you create the ultimate build. Engine swaps can be extremely difficult and complex, especially if your vehicle’s stock parts do not work with your new engine block. GForce Performance swap kits help you avoid these issues by facilitating the conversion process and providing the best possible performance.

As a leading manufacturer of automotive components, G Force Performance Products employs a staff of expert designers and engineers who can create effective solutions for virtually any modification project. So, you can trust them to deliver the tools you need to make your dream build a reality.

If you are planning an engine swap or any other vehicle modification, contact GForce Performance today. Their technical staff is ready to answer questions about their products and even provide professional recommendations based on your specific project.

Is it possible to swap any engine into any vehicle?

An engine swap is an involved and complex process, especially if you are swapping an engine into a vehicle from a different manufacturer. Successfully performing an engine swap comes down to how much time and money you are willing to spend. So, technically, any build is possible.

However, if you want your new build to be street legal, you must follow a long list of regulations. Before beginning an engine swap, get in touch with an engineer, so they can assess your current vehicle as well as your planned modification. This will allow them to determine if the final product will be street legal and offer optimal performance.

What does GForce Performance have to offer?

GForce Performance is a leading supplier of high-performance engine swap kits and transmission crossmembers. So, you can depend on them to deliver solutions that maximize your vehicle’s performance. In fact, GForce was founded on innovation.

They set themselves apart from their competitors with the introduction of their patented transmission crossmember. Not only did this design provide reliable support for the vehicle, but it featured a unique, simple, and functional design. Furthermore, all G Force Performance Products go through rigorous testing periods with high-impact conditions and experienced racers. As a result, they can ensure their products will provide the best possible performance even in the toughest situations.

G Force Performance Products offers a long line of reliable automotive parts and accessories. Whether you need flywheels, crossmembers, exhaust parts, bellhousing adapters, swap kits, or other parts, G Force has you covered. Most notably, GForce’s most popular products include Cummins conversion kits and transmission adapter kits.

Cummins Conversion Kits | GForce Performance

Cummins conversion kits

Cummins conversions are a common method for significantly increasing your vehicle’s performance. These swaps involve putting a Cummins diesel engine into a vehicle that typically runs on unleaded fuel. Many people will also refer to Fummins and Chummins builds, which refer to swapping Cummins engines into Ford and Chevrolet vehicles, respectively.

You might be wondering why someone would put a diesel engine in a non-diesel vehicle. Some advantages of Cummins conversions include better overall performance, longer engine lifespan, and superior fuel economy. In fact, these swaps have been proven to revive trucks and SUVs. These engines are also easy to modify, so they can be tweaked and upgraded over their lifespan.

GForce Performance offers a wide range of Cummins conversion kits. With these kits, you can swap Cummins engines into vehicles with model years ranging from 1989 to 2017. Although Cummins engine conversions can be an awesome upgrade, you might not be ready to commit to the swap. Contact G Force Performance Products today, and their technical staff can help you figure out whether a Cummins conversion is best for your vehicle.

Learn more about Cummins conversion kits.

Transmission adapter kits

Transmission adapter kits are ideal if you are looking for a budget solution to your engine swap project. For example, GForce Performance’s Z32 5-speed transmission adapter will allow you to install a transmission capable of handling the horsepower of an LS engine. In fact, pairing this adapter with the 300ZX 5-speed swap kit can successfully swap an LS engine and Z32 transmission into almost any vehicle!

However, every engine conversion project is unique, so there is no guarantee a swap adapter alone will work. Many builds require some fine-tuning before everything will fit together properly. If you want to whether you have the right transmission for your build, check out G Force’s Transmission Group Chart or get in touch directly and discuss your project with their technical staff.

About G Force Performance Products

GForce Performance is your go-to provider of automotive components and accessories. With a comprehensive selection of flywheels, crossmembers, bellhousing adapters, exhaust components, transmission adapters, and more, you can always find the parts you need for your next project.

Since the introduction of their patented transmission crossmember, G Force has demonstrated an unyielding dedication to providing customers with high-quality automotive solutions. So, they are always looking to improve upon their products and give customers the tools they need for their ideal build. If you are planning an engine swap or need recommendations for your next project, contact GForce Performance today or visit their website.

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