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Industrial Central Vacuum Systems Canada

Becker Pumps of Canada and Imgon | Working Together and Growing Together 

From industrial central vacuum systems Canada, to an extensive range of vacuum pumps, Becker Pumps of Canada has what any industrial facility should have to run at optimal efficiency. The Imgon team takes great pride in being the creative force behind the company’s digital marketing. 

Visit the Becker Pumps of Canada website to learn more about industrial central vacuum systems Canada options. You can also visit the Imgon blog for more information about the professionals from Becker Pumps of Canada as well as the company’s global reach.

Why Implement an Industrial Central Vacuum System? 

Have you considered investing in a central vacuum system for your facility, but hesitating to make the commitment? The investment has helped many teams to streamline operations. Industrial central vacuum systems Canada can eliminate the need for maintenance on many pumps throughout a facility. 

In addition, the reserve pumps characteristic of these systems eliminate the inconvenience that comes with pump failures in facilities with multiple pumps. With multiple pumps, operations come to a halt when a pump breaks down. However, a reserve pump can start automatically upon the failure of a primary pump. 

Industrial Central Vacuum Systems Canada Options From Becker Pumps of Canada 

Becker Pumps of Canada has industrial central vacuum solutions for any facility and for any industry. See below for available options.

1.) Imgontage-D Oil-less Central Vacuum Systems by Becker Pumps of Canada

These dry systems work best for tasks that require vacuum levels from atmosphere to 27” Hg. They are ideal additions for medical facilities in addition to a wide range of industrial settings.  

2.) Imgontage-L Oil-Flooded Central Vacuum Systems  by Becker Pumps of Canada

These solutions function well in the same settings as the Imgontage-D systems, but is especially notable for a compact design. Specifically, these fit through a 36” doorway. 

3.) Imgontage-P Auto-Purge Laboratory Vacuum Systems by Becker Pumps of Canada

The Imgontage-P systems are similar to the Imgontage-L installations, but purge gases during the shutdown process. The auto-purge function also serves to prevent corrosion and ensure safety. 

4.) Imgontage-W Vacuum Systems for Woodworking and CNC Routers by Becker Pumps of Canada

Becker Pumps of Canada’s Imgontage-W systems are ideal for both woodworking and thermoforming applications. They offer completely dry operation and feature single inlet connections. 

About Becker Pumps of Canada 

Becker Pumps of Canada has earned a reputation all its own by providing premier pneumatic equipment to companies across a diverse range of industries. Just some of these fields include maple syrup production, automotive manufacturing, aerospace and medicine. Above all, the Becker Pumps of Canada team prioritizes both constant design innovation and product quality. 

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