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Custom Large Part Molding Services From Lerner and Associates

Large Part Molding Specialists in the Akron, Ohio Area

Have you and your team been planning a customization and searching for large part molding experts in Northeast Ohio? If so, then you can feel confident in teaming up with the fabrication experts from Lerner and Associates. For more than two decades, the company has committed offered premier injection molding and competitive prices. In fact, injection molding from Lerner and Associates is vital to the success of companies across a diverse range of industries. 

Count on this ISO 9001:2015-certified team to produce high volume runs at the right prices. In fact, Lerner and Associates is a leading large part molding resource for companies across Northeast Ohio area. Are you ready to take the next step in your customization? Do you want to get the most out of your next project? If so, then reach out to the Lerner and Associates team today. 

Premier Plastic Injection Molding Capabilities From the Lerner and Associates Team

Depend on Lerner and Associates for large part molding. Plastic injection molding involves the cutting of a custom part’s inverse into a custom mold and the transferring of liquid plastic build material into this mold to form a part. 

Once the plastic fills the custom mold, the mold heats and the plastic undergoes a mixing process. The shot then shapes inside of the barrel and the mold closes. The heated plastic then moves into the mold cavity to then cool and harden. After the plastic hardens, the mold opens to transfer the plastic part out and into a container. 

Significantly, the injection molding machines from Lerner and Associates can accommodate shot sizes of 3 to 600 ounces. Reach out to the team today to learn how Lerner and Associates could add to your project. As a result, the team can manufacture high volume runs and parts across a wide range of sizes. Check out lernerandassoc.com to learn more. 

Choosing Between Metal Parts and Plastic Parts

Why do so many companies benefit when they make the change from metal parts to plastic parts? Overall, the switch aids in streamlining efficiency. For example, the metal to plastics shift helps teams pay less for raw material and keep easy access to materials; manufacturers rarely deal with plastic shortages

In addition, custom plastic fabrication tends to offer more compatibility with high volumes than custom metal fabrication. Also, companies often opt for plastic components because of its higher level of tensile strength, compatibility with geometrically complex designs, material selection and resistance to chemicals, for example. 

Turn to Lerner and Associates for large part molding. Overall, Lerner and Associates commits to helping all clients customize durable parts. The professionals from Lerner and Associates have what it takes to help you get the most out of your next project. 

If you have pricing questions, then Lerner and Associates today. Check out lernerandassoc.com to find out how the team could add to your next project.

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