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Are You Searching For The Best Lab Bench Material For Your Facility? 

When searching for the highest quality for Lab Bench Material, that will produce a strong workable and yet functional area for your technicians? You can count on Monoco Inc. for all your lab bench material needs.

Monoco Inc. is an authorized distributor of Arborite.  Therefore they have the best solutions for all lab bench top and lab table top needs. Arborite is a high-pressure laminate brand of composite material that is known for its heat resistant paper-melamine composite. Thus, a benefit for more control over the thickness of a lab bench top and lab table top.

Employing a lab bench top and lab table top that is capable of holding up under harsh and extreme conditions that technicians apply to them is a must-have for your facility and the safety of employees.  Arborite is the ideal choice for all lab bench top and lab table top needs. Features of an Arborite lab bench or tabletop: lightweight, yet provide a hard surface, durable and highly chemical resistant. Additionally, they provide oil and moisture resistance and do not support the growth of most bacteria and fungus.

What Is Arborite ArboChem

Arborite’s ArboChem is a high-pressure laminate and a solid composite engineered for surfaces commonly exposed to acids, solvents, general reagents and cleaning agents. Therefore, ArboChem is highly suitable for laboratory work surfaces (i.e. Lab bench tops and lab table tops).

Arborite’s ArboChem laminate is available in 1 post forming grade and in 5 compact laminate grades. Using this material for your lab bench top will give your lab table top high tensile strength, MD – 22,000 psi/CD – 14,000 psi; just another proof of Arborite’s durability. Not to mention, Arborite’s smoke density that meets the National Fire Protection Association’s requirements.

Arborite’s characteristic resistance to mechanical and chemical stresses helps keep your lab table tops and lab bench tops looking clean, fresh and new for longer to help keep your laboratory looking sharp.

Monoco Inc. A Name Built On Character And Credibility

Since 1965, Monoco Inc. has built its reputation as a top leading preferred electrical insulation materials supplier, distributor, and fabricator of non-metallic, heat and electrical insulation products. Employing protective materials being resistant to heat, fire, high temperatures, mechanical wear, and chemicals.

Specializing in product fabrication. With their state of the art CNC machine center, they produce close tolerances and complicated parts quickly and competitively produced and delivered anywhere in the world.

In addition to CNC machining, other service we offer include cut-to-size, lathe turning, sanding, milling, and drilling. We will efficiently provide our fabrication skills to your supplied material.

Contact Monoco Inc. Today 440-632-5800 For a brief price quote or to submit files for CNC fabrication, please email [email protected].

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