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Progressive Die Stamping Company | 3 Reasons to Choose PMD

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Imgon Design is proud to work with a leading progressive die stamping company like PMD, Inc. We work with PMD to make precision metal stamping and die stamping processes more accessible to those who need them. Here at Imgon, we work on the backend, providing the digital marketing tools our clients need to succeed. As a result, PMD can compete with their rivals in a volatile digital marketplace while connecting to a larger audience of potential customers.

If you are looking for a progressive die stamping company you can depend on, PMD is perfect for you. As a leader in the metal stamping industry, PMD offers a wide range of high-precision die stamping services, so you can find components that meet your quality and performance requirements.

What is progressive die stamping?

Progressive die stamping is a metal forming process used in the production of custom metal components. This manufacturing method involves feeding metal materials into a custom die. The die, in this case, contains a multitude of internal workstations, which perform a variety of tasks to produce a complete component.

Some of the forming processes involved with progressive die stamping including the cutting, punching, bending, drawing, shaving, coining, and embossing of metal. The materials will move to through each station of the die encountering a different combination of these operations. As a result, PMD can create the perfect component for your application.

Furthermore, for projects with tight tolerance requirements, PMD offers quicker turnaround and consistent control even if your project requires high-volume production. Most notably, choosing PMD ensures you will always receive high-quality parts with competitive pricing.

3 reasons to choose PMD, Inc.

1. High-precision metal stamping services

PMD has immense experience as a progressive die stamping company. So, they can consistently maintain exceptional precision when producing hangers, straps, and other metal parts. Also, customers have the opportunity to support a company that is entirely American-owned and operated. In addition, all raw materials for metal stamping projects are acquired in the United States.

PMD, Inc. can manufacture the exact components you need regardless of your application. In fact, PMD is a top supplier of components to the electrical industry including hangers, washers, conduit straps, and more!

PMD facility | progressive die stamping company

2. State-of-the-art progressive die stamping equipment

PMD’s facility houses a variety of advanced die stamping presses and manufacturing equipment. As a result, they can more effectively meet and exceed the quality and performance specifications of every customer project.

PMD’s central mission is to give each client the highest quality component to suit their application. So, they are constantly working on improving both their products and their manufacturing processes. In addition to standard manufacturing services, PMD offers packaging and assembly services. Choosing PMD not only means you receive high-quality components, but you also have them delivered in the most convenient manner.

3. Professional design and prototyping recommendations

PMD offers experience in working with existing customer designs as well as developing new designs and prototypes. With their team of metal stamping experts, they can provide you with the design and prototyping recommendations you need to create the best possible part for your application. This will also give the PMD chance the opportunity to recognize and solve any potential issues with the project before creating hard tooling designs.

Imgon Design | Progressive Die Stamping Company | PMD, Inc.

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If you are looking for a reliable progressive die stamping company near you, contact PMD today! Learn more about the PMD, Inc. on the Imgon Design Blog or visit their website.