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EMT Basic Training The First Step Of The

EMT- Paramedic Field

Donald Martens and Sons is now offering EMT basic training. So what exactly does EMT basic training implicate? EMT I- Basic certification is the beginning of career towards becoming a certified EMT- Paramedic. Most EMT Paramedic programs are 2-year associates degree. EMT- Basic certification is an entry-level position. The basic entry level will take approximately 150-160 hours or about six months to complete. Martens professionals offer training and essential knowledge such as CPR/AED and First Aid practices into effective ACLS providers.  EMT Training courses are led by professionals who have experience in the field and know what it takes to set you on the right path to becoming an EMT. These courses not only offered for their employees but to the public as well.  
Requirements needed to begin; firstly you must be at least 18 years old and have a high school diploma or a GED. The basic training courses will teach you a variety of tasks that involve dealing with fractures, bleeding, cardiac emergencies and respiratory emergencies and emergency responsiveness. Additionally, you will learn to use emergency medical equipment that you will employ in this field. Such as suction mounts, neck immobilizers, and splints. Meeting the content areas of the exam, which are airway, respiration and ventilation, cardiology and resuscitation, trauma, medical obstetrics and gynecology, and emergency medical service (EMS) operations. These programs providing you the skills and knowledge needed to provide basic emergency medical assistance to people in need. 
To earn and maintain your basic EMT certification, according to NREMT’s standards, students must fulfill basic education prerequisites, enroll in an EMT-Basic certificate program, graduate from the EMT-Basic Certificate program, pass a cognitive certification exam, pass a psychomotor certification exam, and meet recertification and continuing education requirements.

Do You Have What It Takes? | Questions To Ask Yourself

So you’ve decided you want to become a first responder to emergency situations as an EMT. The daily structure of an EMT is based around emergency situations, which requires an EMT to think and act quickly and under pressure. To many, this can be a very rewarding career within medicine. 

Here are a few questions to ask yourself:

  • The Ability to Perform Under Pressure – This something that many EMTs and Paramedics struggle with. The responsibility that someone’s life in your hands. This can be a difficult task to handle. Especially with time being a factor. Upon arriving at the scene of a patient who has called 911, all those involved will look to you for answers. You will need to remain calm, kind and professional when responding to calls.
  • Ability to Communicate –  EMTs not only need to communicate well verbally but also non-verbally and in writing. You need to be able to ask questions while listening for the answers. EMT’s need to obtain patient assessment skills. You will need to ask a variety of questions and each answer is important. Listening is gaining the information you will need to determine which course of treatment will be needed. Additionally, sometimes you will net to get answers from family or bystanders.
  • Compassion – This is one of the most important qualities a good EMT must have. Occasionally, you will need to provide the emotional comfort that patients need in emergency situations. Patients and family members will look to you for courage when they are afraid and they will look to you for hope when they despair.
  • Good Judgment/Decision-Making Skills– You will need to make critical decisions once arriving at the scene. These decisions will directly impact the patient’s treatment. Experience comes with any job title. However, when someone’s health is in your hands this is a skill set needed early on.

About Donald Martens and Sons

Founded in 1964, Martens Ambulance is the oldest family-owned ambulance service providers in the State of Ohio. They have built a reputation of commitment to service excellent care for those in need. Over the years, they have grown from one ambulance to over 85 mobile intensive care units, ambulances, and ambulettes. Never losing sight of their values and traditions in providing first-class patient care, quality customer service, and keeping up-to-date on all equipment and technologies.
The dispatch center employs staff 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with knowledgeable dispatchers and call takers. All of their dispatchers are EMT’s or Paramedics. Employing a state-of-the-art computerized dispatch system that is the central access point for all our departures. It is an intelligent system that is tailored to meet its company needs in dispatch, data collecting, billing, reporting, and performance and business analysis.
One of their main goals is to make a difference. Martens provides members of its community and surrounding cities with a reliable training program.  Whether it’s a CPR course or EMT basic training, our professionals at Martens Ambulance are here to provide the stepping stones you need to become the professional you aspire to be.

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