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School Bus Driver Training Program | School Bus Safety Company

School Bus Driver Training Program

Searching for a school bus driver training program in Ohio? School Bus Safety Company has the most effective school bus driver training program available. This program is composed of 25 topics that will teach every school bus driver what they need to fulfill their job the correct way. Developed to change the current behavior of drivers to eliminate or reduce risk and employ superior levels of service. Therefore, enhancing their driving skills to become a trustworthy school bus driver. 

Producing reliable school bus drivers starts with the development of exemplary driving and safety skills. Those who receive proper training will earn their certification. The School Bus Safety Company (SBSC) offers high-quality content with its video-based program focusing heavily on safety, ensuring applicants can become dependable school bus drivers. Sub-par training is a thing of the past. Our school bus drivers carry our precious cargo every day to and from school; the time is now to make sure every driver is more than qualified to drive our children. 

New Driver Training Course

The new driver training course includes everything you will need to prepare your drivers to be superior school bus drivers. These high-quality videos will illustrate realistic situations that could arise while displaying correct behavior and reactions. Animations and discussion pages enhance the learning points. Additionally, quizzes are included allowing for knowledge checks. Including wall posters that provide ongoing reinforcement of the most important points. Visit the SBSC site for free public service announcements.

The Complete School Bus Driver Training Course

This curriculum was designed and written by school bus safety experts. Therefore it provides a complete training system aimed at developing the safest and most professional school bus drivers. Curriculum Features:

New 25 Program Course

    1. Safety Best Practices
    2. Meet The Bus
    3. LLLC Defensive Driving
    4. Pre & Post Trip Inspections
    5. Mirror Adj & Ref Points
    6. Check Your Brakes
    7. Intersections
    8. Safe Backing
    9. Railroad Crossings
    10. Danger Zones
    11. Student Management
    12. Safe Bus Stops
    13. Preparing Students to Learn
    14. Emergency Evacuations
    15. Post Accident Procedures

New Subjects Added

  1. Checking For Sleeping Kids
  2. Power Lines
  3. Driver Fatigue
  4. Driver Distractions
  5. Preventing Harassment
  6. Adverse Conditions
  7. Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety
  8. Extreme Student Behavior
  9. Mountain Driving
  10. Drugs & Alcohol Prevention
  11. Final Exam

Each course contains 25 instructional DVDs, a final exam and 15 educational posters. In addition, the kit includes:

    • A Driver Study Guide: This guide is used in the classroom, in the yard, and during the behind-the-wheel skills-based training. It includes a complete and accurate description of every major skill in the course. [One guide is included. You’ll want to purchase one for each new driver you train.]
    • A Classroom Trainer’s Guide with instructions on how to teach each lesson.
    • A Behind-The-Wheel Trainer’s Guide that explains how to coach a driver behind-the-wheel to achieve professional performance improving school bus safety.

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If you are looking to become a certified bus driver, consider SBSC’s school bus driver training. Their courses will transform you into a safe and reliable bus driver. Learn more about the School Bus Safety Company on the Imgon Design Blog or visit their website.