School Bus CDL Training Course

Become a Certified School Bus Driver with this Educational School Bus CDL Training Course

Are you looking to earn certification as a school bus driver or get your commercial driver license? The School Bus Safety Company provides training for school bus drivers, so they can get the effective education they need to become safer drivers. In fact, SBSC’s school bus CDL training course offers 25 educational subjects and various guides and tools to ensure the success of every CDL applicant.

Many school bus driving applicants have failed to earn their certification due to insufficient training from low-quality school bus driver training programs. Most notably, these applicants were not prepared for the CDL written exam, which is a crucial requirement of earning a CDL permit.

Applicants who undergo bus driving training from the School Bus Safety Company, however, receive all the knowledge and skills they need to complete the exam and hone their driving and safety skills. In fact, most applicants will pass on their first attempt with the help of the SBSC’s school bus CDL training program.

The School Bus Safety Company school bus CDL training course

SBSC’s new CDL training course includes the following interactive CDs:

  1. Rules & Vehicle Inspections
  2. General Knowledge Driving Safely Part 1
  3. General Knowledge Driving Safely Part 2
  4. Cargo & Hazardous Materials
  5. Transporting Passengers
  6. School Bus Endorsement
  7. Air Brakes
  8. Practice Tests

This package also includes classroom trainers guides and drivers’ study guides, so the educational process is as effective as possible. The School Bus Safety Company can also provide training through its online Learning Management System that covers the seven subjects above. Furthermore, trainees can take practice tests through this online system. As a result, they can properly prepare for the official CDL written test.

In the past, transforming applications into certified school bus drivers was a difficult task. With the School Bus Safety Company, however, learning the skills you need and preparing for the CDL written test has never been easier. In fact, SBSC’s training course is much easier to understand than other programs and helps applicants pass on their first try. Here are some advantages to choosing the SBSC school bus CDL training course:

  • Two narrators working together to deliver training in an understandable manner
  • Videos for more a more enjoyable and effective education experience
  • Many testing tips to help applicants pass the official CDL exam
  • 13 extensive practice tests containing a total of 431 questions. These tests will show when employees answer questions incorrectly and give the proper answer.

25 school bus driver training subjects

In addition to the aforementioned content, SBSC’s school bus driver training course covers 25 subjects for a comprehensive educational experience:

  1. Best Safety Practices
  2. Defensive Driving
  3. Meet the Bus
  4. Pre & Post-Trip Inspections
  5. Mirror Adjustment & Reference Points
  6. Check Your Brakes
  7. Pedestrian & Bicycle Safety
  8. Adverse Conditions
  9. Mountain Driving
  10. Driver Fatigue
  11. Driver Distractions
  12. Preventing Harassment
  13. Drugs & Alcohol
  14. Safe Bus Stops
  15. Student Management
  16. Extreme Student Behavior
  17. Sleeping Children
  18. Intersections
  19. Safe Backing
  20. Railroad Crossings
  21. Danger Zones
  22. Power Lines
  23. Preparing Students to Learn
  24. Emergency Evacuations
  25. Post Accident Procedures

About the School Bus Safety Company

The School Bus Safety Company is comprised of bus driver training experts who have been developing CDL training courses for over 24 years. In fact, many of SBSC’s programs have received awards for their educational efficacy and comprehensive content. Originally, their content was not available for school district bus fleets, but now SBSC’s content is readily available for anyone who needs it. Most notably, the SBSC has worked with 6 of the 10 largest contractors, 450 transit agencies, and many other large-scale transit organizations.

SBSC also has a team of bus driving improvement specialists with experience in fleet operations and safety, instructional design, industrial psychology, media production, and many other valuable skillsets. Their team combines their many years of experience to create the most effective school bus CDL training courses on the market.

Leadership | President Jeff Cassell

The School Bus Safety Company is led by President Jeff Cassell, a school bus driver training expert with more than 20 years of experience in helping keep both children and drivers safe. In fact, Cassell was directly involved in the installation of crossing gates for over 38,000 buses as well as the first installation of the Child Checkmate System, which ensures drivers check for sleeping children on their buses.

Prior to joining the School Bus Safety Company, Cassell was the overseer of safety practices at the Laidlaw Group for 21 years. This organization operated 38,000 school buses, 6,000 transit buses, and 2,400 Greyhound Motorcoaches during his time. Most notably, Laidlaw reduced their accident rate by over 72% and decreased their annual losses by more than $40 million with Cassell’s guidance. Today, Cassell leads the SBSC in the development of school bus CDL training courses, having helped more than 3,000 school districts and transit companies utilize their content to train their employees.

Learn more about getting your school bus CDL license by contacting the School Bus Safety Company today or visiting their website at https://schoolbussafetyco.com/.

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