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Becker Regenerative Blowers

Any businesses looking to give a significant upgrade to their centralized air systems should consider Becker’s regenerative blowers aka side channel blower and other machinery. Becker’s main focus is the design and manufacturing of high-quality, centralized air system machinery. They offer a myriad of different models and products for regen blowers, vacuum pumps, and more. Furthermore, they are experts in meeting the needs of their customers. Due to their employment of non-positive displacement, Becker’s machines produce much less noise and are much more powerful and efficient relative to other machinery on the market. Non-positive displacement is a method which regenerates air molecules to create more pressure or vacuum. Positive displacement compressors, however, are more costly and less powerful, making Becker pumps much more advantageous. In addition, our regenerative vacuum blower¬†does not use oil, making them some of the most environmentally friendly blowers in the industry.
Since 1885 Becker has been producing centralized air machinery service. Today, Becker has become a leading company in centralized air system technology. During their time, they also designed the rotary vane vacuum pump, which employs efficient technology for consistent performance for each cycle. Their dedication to improving their air system technology is unparalleled. Since the beginning, they have worked towards increasing the rate at which their pumps move air. Becker’s total solutions for vacuum and low-pressure applications can bring your business air systems to a quiet, efficient, environmentally-friendly state.

Regenerative Blowers Have Many Applications

Regenerative blowers can be useful for a variety of reasons. Many industries that work with chemicals and environmental processes use these blowers. They are also used often in lifting, packaging, and transporting products.
Regen blowers are also adept at removing dust or smoke from the air, extracting soil vapor, and performing sewage aeration. Becker’s regenerative blowers are well-suited for any application that requires high rates of airflow at lower pressures, or when a vacuum is needed for the process.

What are the Advantages?

These blowers have a unique ability to operate at extremely high efficiency. They are able to move high amounts of air, especially when considering their small size. Furthermore, they are quiet and create minimal vibration.
Another advantage of Becker’s regen blowers is their ease of operation and maintenance. This results in fewer breakdowns and other complications. Their design only includes one moving part inside the blower; therefore, there is little wear and tear compared to other air system machinery. Becker blowers are incredibly reliable machines that require very little maintenance and are simple to operate.
Becker Pumps also offers two different models of blowers. Both the 1-Stage and 2-Stage blowers feature similar advantages and are capable of changing to the other type. This means the one can change to two and vice versa, if necessary. In addition, Becker also guarantees their blowers will have every feature you expect, including the quiet operation, reliability, and low maintenance requirements.
Any businesses in need of an air system upgrade should consider Becker’s regenerative blowers and other centralized air machinery. They design products you can rely on.
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