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When your facility’s central air system needs improvement, Becker Pumps is the best solution for all your vacuum pump needs. With a wide variety of machines to choose from, Becker products can increase the efficiency of virtually any existing central air system. They offer oil-flooded, industrial vacuum pumps, dry-running rotary vane pumps, and much more! Contact Becker Pumps to learn more about their high-quality machinery.

Becker Industrial Vacuum Pumps

To maintain maximum productivity and efficiency, facilities must recognize the significance of managing power consumption. Central air systems tend to have an immense influence on energy efficiency. For the best results, installing machinery with high-efficiency standards is paramount. Becker Pumps engineers their air system machinery to function at the highest efficiency possible. Facilities will see a significant improvement in their overall energy use with Becker Pumps; furthermore, their machines will act as an instant upgrade for any air system.

Many facilities’ air systems contain pumps that create loud, distracting noise. Some believe that the noise signifies high productivity. The reality, however, is essentially the opposite. These machines are simply inefficient and may be siphoning more power than necessary, negatively influencing power consumption. Installing Becker vacuum pumps can ensure your facility is not wasting power.

Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumps

For those looking for more environmentally-friendly options, Becker Pumps offers the oil-less rotary vane vacuum pump. This vacuum pump is similar to other vane pumps in the industry, but Becker’s has a few distinguishing characteristics. These rotary vane pumps include a series of sliding vanes on a rotor that rotates in a cavity. They also experience no internal, metal-to-metal contact, preventing unnecessary damage. These features allow Becker’s rotary vane pumps to perform at peak efficiency longer than other pumps on the market and decrease maintenance requirements.

An Innovative Legacy

For many years, Becker Pumps built their reputation by creating high-quality machinery and providing friendly, reliable customer service. They have been manufacturing advanced machinery that increases in quality with each iteration, since 1885. Becker has become synonymous with efficiency and reliability, exceeding the expectations of all their customers. Today, they have confirmed their position as a leader in machine quality; furthermore, they have reaffirmed their status as a top innovator of air system technology in the industry.

Becker has dedicated their time and energy to the advancement of air system machinery. This ever-present mission has driven them to constantly improve the efficiency of their products as well as the rate at which their machines pump air. This is just one of the many reasons why Becker is a leader in the air system technologies industry.

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Those looking to improve the efficiency of their facility’s centralized air system should contact Becker Pumps. Learn more about Becker products and machinery on the Imgon Design Blog.

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